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Yasuke Season 1: Ending Explained! Post-credits scene, etc.

April 29, 2021

Check out Yasuke’s Season 1 ending explanation on Netflix! Post-credits scene, Ichika’s death, etc.

Yasuke is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of season 1, keep reading! Netflix It is famous for its outings related to all genres and all languages, cultures or traditions. Netflix is ​​back with another anime series for viewers and fans of this Japanese genre. After the success of other Netflix original series, now we are going to discover another animation created by Netflix, titled Yasuke.

Yasuke is based on the historical figure, who was an African with the same name. He was a warrior who worked under the command of a powerful Japanese magnate, Oda Nobunaga, in the 16th century. It was the time of the Sengoku period of the samurai conflict in Japan. If you’ve already seen all 6 episodes of the first season, you probably want to have some explanations about Yasuke season 1 finale, we tell you everything!

Yasuke Season 1 Ending Explanation

The daimyo is a witch who has lived for hundreds of years drawing her livelihood from the earth. But, ironically, that same land became his prison and Azuchi’s castle, a glorified tomb. According to her, the earth seeks balance, and that is why she sent someone with Saki’s abilities. However, the daimyo plans to make the girl his salvation by absorbing her powers. And he almost succeeds in his ultimate fight against Saki and Yasuke.

Although Yasuke sacrifices himself by placing his body between the young woman and Saki’s children, the children cross it and enclose Saki in a cocoon. Unfortunately for the Daimyo, this triggers Saki’s own transition. Instead of the daimyo draining Saki of her powers, the latter absorbs all the powers of the former, becoming the receptacle of balance and leaving the daimyo a sheath of threads and bones. Saki’s illness disappears as her powers are now in harmony with her body, and she can resurrect Yasuke.

Is Ichika dead?

Yes, Ichika is probably dead, although this is not explicitly shown. Ichika appears to have a connection to the Natsumaru clan and wears a necklace with a pendant that resembles his insignia. To find Ichika and Saki, Abraham hires a team of mercenaries.

When they first meet Yasuke, Saki, and Ichika, Saki’s power kicks in and she appears to kill Ichika. To end of season 1, Yasuke and Saki return to their old village. Disapproving of Saki’s reluctance, they are warmly received by the locals. Saki then begins to stay with her friend Ichiro’s family. Saki gives Ichika’s necklace to Yasuke, knowing that Ichika would have wanted Yasuke to have it. It is also a way for Saki to say goodbye to the woman who raised and protected her for all these years.

yasuke season 1 finale

What does the post-credits scene mean?

In the last moment of the post-credits scene, Yasuke is shown holding a new sword, with Ichika’s necklace dangling from its hilt. It means a new beginning for Yasuke. He was finally able to put his past behind him. He will stay in the village until Ichiro’s training is finished. Then he will probably venture out into the world again. He could even join Morisuke and his efforts to bring peace to Japan. For more information on the season 2 launch, read this.