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Yasuke: Is the Netflix series based on a true story?

April 29, 2021

Find out if the Netflix anime Yasuke is based on true events!

Yasuke is available on Netflix! If you want to know if the anime Yasuke is inspired by a true story, keep reading! The series was produced by the famous Japanese animation studio MAPPA. LaKeith Stanfield doesn’t just play the title character of the same name. But he also shares executive producer credit with director LeSean Thomas. Grammy-nominated artist Flying Lotus will produce the music for the series. To learn all about the season two release, read this.

Yasuke, a black samurai in war-torn feudal Japan, is first seen fighting an arrogant nobleman after the latter attempts to unsheathe his sword against a young boy. Here’s a look at Yasuke’s story: After embarrassingly losing a battle to the invading forces and being betrayed by everyone he meets, his commander orders Yasuke to behead him. Yasuke does so, and the painful loss of his commander sends him into exile. But all of this is inspired by a true story ? We tell you everything!

Is Yasuke based on a true story?

No, Yasuke is not based on a true story, although it is largely based on historical facts. The anime takes place in a world where there are magical, mutant and mechanical AIs. The series uses parts of the stories about Yasuke, the historical figure who really existed for him, as the setting and adds fictional elements to it to give the story a sense of completion. For example, the scene where Nobunaga believes that Yasuke is covered in dirt because of the color of his skin and orders his henchmen to erase it happened to the real Yasuke according to contemporary accounts.

yasuke true story

There is a lot of speculation about the origin of the story. Yasuke. François Solier’s “Ecclesiastical History of the Islands and Kingdoms of Japan” indicates that he was originally from Mozambique. Other sources claim that he was originally from Ethiopia or South Sudan. The anime portrays him as a member of the Yao people, who could also be one of the probable origins of the real Yasuke.

The true Yasuke He came to Japan in 1579. At the time, he was serving under the Italian Jesuit missionary Alessandro Valignano. After visiting the capital region two years later, Yasuke met Nobunaga and joined his service. As the anime shows, Yasuke stayed with Nobunaga until the very end. According to some historians, he actually served as kaishakunin or second after Nobunaga when the great daimyo committed seppuku. In conclusion, Yasuke’s anime is not based on a true story, but it revolves around a historical character who really existed and who sometimes uses truthful anecdotes.