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Xtreme 2: What’s the Netflix release date? Is a sequel planned?

June 5, 2021

Discover all the information about Xtreme 2! A sequel to Xtreme soon? Release date, etc.

Xtreme is available on Netflix! If you want to know if all the information related to Xtreme 2, keep reading! Xtreme is a new Netflix action thriller set in the Spanish underworld. Yes, this is a movie in Spanish, but don’t worry about the language barrier. It’s not the dialogue that drives this movie, but the crazy action sequences.

The film has aspirations and international quality but without renouncing the character and originality of Spanish cinema, as affirmed by the creators of the production company, Vicente Canales and Julieta Videla. Two deaths, a violent criminal, two broken families, and one goal: revenge.

Chases, alliances and fights, including martial arts, are united! Although the ending of Xtreme is well crafted, it is possible for the story to progress into a later production. For the explanation of the ending of the movie, read this. To know all the information about Xtreme 2, keep reading!

What is the release date of Xtreme 2 on Netflix?

The first movie premiered on June 4 on Netflix with a duration of 1 hour and 50 minutes! Currently, no renewal announcement has been made regarding a sequel to Xtreme on Netflix. The reviews have been good and Xtreme is currently popular on Netflix and loved by fans.

If built carefully, action thrillers generate a lot of box office value and revenue. While the movie didn’t open in theaters for obvious reasons, it did quite well on the popular streaming platform. And we already know that action thrillers are a genre known for its sequels.

xtreme 2 netflix

If you consider the cinematic storytelling itself, there is clearly an opportunity for the director to move the story forward. The conclusion of the film is final, as the protagonist redeems his honor by facing the evil mob boss Lucero.

In the epilogue, Dimitri calls Maria to inform her that the Conclave will take place the next day. And at Chul Moo’s suggestion, it is also implied that Maximo will be chosen as the next Conclave leader because he understands the value of honor, unlike Lucero. The ending marks a new chapter in Máximo’s life, and viewers are generally eager to learn the course of his future life. If Xtreme is renewed, we can look forward to the Xtreme 2 release date set for current 2023 on Netflix.