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Will Shadow and Bone become the most popular series of the year on Netflix?

April 22, 2021

Fantastic fiction is an adaptation of the literary saga written by Leigh Barduro and we know that the two hundred million subscribers of the streaming platform are crazy about this genre.

Shadow and Bone revolves around a complex and war-torn society inspired by the Russia of the czars of the 19th century. A huge valley of darkness, known as the Fold, has divided this world in two, and only a young woman, Alina, can save it thanks to her donations. Assuming he survives, of course.

The first season of Shadow And Bone eagerly awaited: the official trailer has racked up 2.8 million views, while the teaser currently has 3.3 million views. These statistics announce exceptional audiences for the fantasy series.

Shadow and Bone could become the most popular Netflix original creation of all time. thus exceeding The Bridgerton Chronicle. If you haven’t heard of fiction, here’s the must-have trailer:

The series is simply magnificent. Everyone represents the books differently in their minds, so it can be hard to judge whether readers will appreciate the staging, but it’s hard to imagine anyone being disappointed by the special effects and stunning scenery. The heroine (played by Jessie Mei Li) will discover in her an exceptional power that could well make a difference in ending the suffering of her nation in war.

Like all big-budget Netflix originals, Shadow And Bone’s release date is set for a Friday so subscribers can watch the first few episodes in a matter of hours …

Don’t expect to understand everything instantly, this is a complex series, with a huge universe, multiple main characters, and intertwined stories.

To make you less lost, here is some information on Shadow and Bone:

The ” Grishas “They are people who have supernatural gifts, that’s why our heroine is one” Grisha “. Depending on their powers, the Grishas are classified into different categories:

Corporalki “: Ability to heal or destroy the human body

Etherealki “: Domain of the elements (Fire, Water, Wind …)

Materialki “: Handling solid matter

Alina’s gift (the heroine of Shadow and Bone) could make her the most powerful of all the Grishas. You will find out why in the eight episodes that will be uploaded on Friday, April 23, 2021 on Netflix. Netflix hasn’t officially ordered season 2 yet, but we’re confident the streaming giant will agree to produce the sequel.

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