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Why Are You Like This Season 2: Netflix Release Date, Filming… Sequel Coming Soon?

April 16, 2021

Netflix’s new original creation is not entirely new as it has already aired on the ABC channel. From now on, the streaming platform’s two hundred million subscribers will be able to watch this comedy that could be a real hit.

Only six episodes were released in Netflix, does that mean Why Are You Like This season 2 will be released soon? ? This is not a miniseries so it is possible that a sequel will arrive very quickly …

We reveal all the information we currently have about season 2 of Why Are You Like This (Netflix): Release date, filming, casting, renewal …

Friendship series are still extremely popular on Netflix, then there is no doubt that Why Are You Like This will be highly rated by subscribers. The criticism of the Australian press is in any case very positive, this is the first good news in favor of a season 2 !

The broadcast of the six episodes ended at the end of February. Since then, the ABC channel has not yet announced if Penny, Austin and Mia will return to our screens anytime soon. Don’t worry, this is completely normal. Producers will likely have to wait for audiences for the show on Netflix.

Why Are You Like This season 2 will only be ordered if our three heroes manage to convince the streaming platform subscribers. The next thirty days will therefore be decisive as the number of views will determine whether the production of new episodes could be economically attractive.

We will update this article as soon as we have new information. about season 2 of Why are you like this?. Know that you won’t have to wait a month to find out if there will be a sequel. We will analyze the popularity of fiction in the 190 countries where it has been published online in the next few days. Then, crossing the results with other parameters, we can tell you if there is any possibility that the series will be repeated.

If the adventures of Austin, Mia and Penny manage to reach at least the third place of the top ten in Spain, know that a season 2 is very likely to come soon. Obviously it also depends on the popularity in the United States but we will make a first assessment very quickly.

Is the release date of Why Are You Like This season 2 already planned by Netflix?

As we explained previously, season 2 of Why Are You Like This has not yet been ordered by the Australian channel that broadcasts the series. However, it is quite easy anticipate the release date since traditional channels like to broadcast the stations a year apart.

Almost three years passed between the start of production and the broadcast on ABC. Filming started in 2018 and ended in late 2020. You’re probably wondering why it took so long. Simply because after watching the pilot episode, it took ABC channel about a year to agree to produce the sequel. Filming resumed in 2020 and guess what? It was interrupted by the health crisis …

Finally, the broadcast didn’t start until 2021 while production had started in 2018! Fortunately, the filming of the new part will not last that long. We believe that seven months is more than enough.

If filming is not interrupted, Why are you like this? Season 2 release date will be February 2022. Later Netflix will release new episodes like this year in April. Therefore, we will have to be very patient because we will not quickly find our three heroes …

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