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We are Season 1: Discover the release date and the first information (Netflix)

June 29, 2021

The original creation is inspired by a true story, if you follow the Mexican news surely you must have heard about this drama that occurred a few years ago. In 2011, in the Mexican border city of Allende, a terrible event occurred that forever changed the lives of the inhabitants.

Several Mexicans have experienced the atrocities of the Los Zetas cartel, which killed and brutalized hundreds of innocent people after a DEA operation went awry. In telling this story, the main objective of the creators of the series is to pay tribute to the victims who suffered this horrendous incident.

We Are Season 1: Netflix Release Date Is Coming Soon!

The characters in Somos reveal another facet of the story. Precisely, the Spanish series wants to turn the camera towards the inhabitants, victims despite themselves of this fact.

Instead of filming the point of view of the drug lord or the policeman, the creators wanted to highlight the inhabitants of the small Mexican town. We Are Season 1 will be available on June 30, 2021 on the company’s streaming platform with the red logo.

Is the cast of the series up to the task?

It is interesting to know that the cast of the series is made up of professional actors but also ordinary people. Among the cast members, will be Mercedes Hernández known for her roles in ” The Aparicio “Or” Twice you “. Jero Medina (Narcos: Mexico) and Caraly Sanchez (The bandit, Three miracles) will also be there.

What time will season 1 of Somos be available on Netflix?

The six episodes of Spanish fiction will go online from 9:01 am in the French, Swiss and Belgian catalog. Although with the time difference, the original creation will not be available until midnight in the United States.

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