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Virgin River Season 4: Netflix Release Date, Filming,… Sequel Coming Soon?

July 9, 2021

Did you miss Melinda Monroe and Jack? This is a certainty for fans of the series who were counting the days before returning to their favorite fictional city to follow the new dramas of the series of the moment.

We have very good news for you, the actors from the original creation will return to the set at the end of July 2021. Which means that The streaming giant has already confirmed season 4 of Virgin River, if you want to know more about him release date or the casting, we advise you to read more …

We reveal all the information we currently have about Virgin River (Netflix) season 4: Release date, filming, casting, renewal …

This is not the first time that the original series has new episodes before a new part is released. All previous seasons were renewed in advance and filming had generally started before or shortly after the end of their respective seasons.

The American company shows once again that it is convinced that the series will achieve a real success. Otherwise, the Virgin River season 4 it wouldn’t have been sorted so quickly. This is not the case for all Netflix originals, which are often canceled. Traditionally, it takes at least a month or two after the fiction is broadcast to make a decision on its possible renewal.

Virgin River Season 4: Filming to Begin!

The original series is currently in pre-production, according to various rumors, the fiction had been renewed at the beginning of the year 2021. In addition, we already know the production schedule of Virgin River season 4.

According to several US media, the start of the filming of the rest of the series It is normally scheduled for July 28, 2021 and should end by November 30, 2021. Of course, since we are currently in a period of health crisis, the production schedules are not set in stone and can be changed at any time. moment.

Is the premiere date of Virgin River season 4 already planned by Netflix?

Although the company with the red logo has not yet announced the official release date of Virgin River season 4. Since we know that production is scheduled to begin in late July, new episodes of the rest of the series therefore, it will be released next year.

It will take a year to shoot and produce the series, so we can wait a Virgin River season 4 release date in July or August 2022.

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