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Virgin River Season 3: Netflix Series Ending Explained!

July 9, 2021

Discover the explanation of the end of season 3 of Virgin River on Netflix!

Virgin River is back on Netflix! To find out Virgin River Season 3 Ending Explained, keep reading! You are still in shock after seeing the virgin river season 3 finale ? Well, you are not the only one, and how could you be with such amazing cliffhangers? To purchase the book that inspired the series, click here. Other, To enjoy the Kindle format with a free 14-day trial, it’s here.

The new season of Virgin river welcomes viewers to the united little town and immerses us in the aftermath of season 2’s cliffhangers, including how Jack got away after being shot in the bar. The Virgin River season 3 It also puts Mel and Jack’s relationship to the test more than ever as they begin to plan for their future together and consider whether that future involves starting a family. To find out when season four will be released, read this.

But if you are looking for an explanation of what happened in the end of season 3, we explain all the twists and turns, piece by piece. Between what will happen to Hope and Mel’s baby bomb theories, here it is the explanation of the end of season 3 of Virgin River.

Virgin River Season 3 Ending Explained

One of the main points of the third season is the mystery of the identity of who shot Jack. Given the chilling nature of the event, it’s no surprise that Jack doesn’t remember what happened for much of the season. However, in the end, Brady is arrested after police find the gun that was probably used to shoot Jack in the first car.

The Virgin River season 3 he also goes out of his way to show that Brady is trying to change his life. He did his business legal and even tries to make Brie happy. However, there is a particular conversation between Mike and Brady that makes the latter appear innocent. In fact, if we’re going to suspect someone, it’s Mike himself. Subtle but fiery red flags have been placed throughout the season to indicate that the cop is dirtier than we are led to believe.

As the third season progresses, Mike stops being portrayed as that straight guy, and for this reason, we believe that he was the one who placed the gun in Brady’s car, and as a result, he is the person who shot Jack. The reason Mike did this is, for now, out of our reach, but it is very likely that Calvin paid Mike and that the drug business and Jack’s opposition led to that specific sequence of events that unfolded. that night.

What happens to the Preacher?

After taking care of Christopher all season for Paige while she is on the run, Preacher is in big trouble. He thinks he has found a friend of Paige, who tells him that she is going to take him to talk to Paige. Unfortunately, she is playing with him. The preacher is found drugged and abandoned in the woods.

Back home, Connie brings Christopher back with a pizza, and the viewer sees Vince, Paige’s ex-husband, waiting in the shadows. It’s clear that he has ulterior motives and foolproof plans to kidnap Christopher, and Preacher has been caught in the crossfire. Hopefully this doesn’t interfere with her plans to partner with Jack.

Paige, who wants to surrender to the authorities, it becomes even more imminent to take Preacher out of the equation. So when we see Wes in the house as Christopher and Connie walk in, it becomes clear that Paige’s friend stabbed the mother in the back. Preacher will most likely have to fight an uphill battle to get Christopher back.

virgin river season 3 ending explanation

What about Doc?

A hiker arrives in town and settles in a B&B. He’s looking for his grandfather… Doc. Meanwhile, Doc is at the hospital. Muriel is there to comfort him because he is unwell. She reveals a blanket with photos of Doc and Hope taken by the community. The doctor reveals that Hope has a fever. Muriel assures Doc that everything will be fine, but Doc sobs and blames himself for the situation.

After all, we don’t learn much about this matter, and Doc and Hope are still in each other’s lives despite it. It’s completely plausible that Charmaine’s mother never told Doc about the unexpected pregnancy and kept everything a secret. The doctor could not have known that he had one or more children of his own.