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Vincenzo Season 1: Find out the release date and the first information (Netflix)

May 1, 2021

If you follow our ranking of the most viewed content on Netflix, you have probably watched it for several weeks the korean series Vincenzo. The latter is extremely popular all over the world, but it was not yet available in Spain. Finally, we will be able to see the first season on Netflix in no time!

The series has aired at the rate of one episode a week for several months and the least we can say is that Vincenzo has achieved a real audience success. Fiction has been among the top ten most popular content in the world on Netflix since March.

Vincenzo Season 1: Netflix Release Date Is Coming Soon!

Vincenzo is a lawyer who worked for the Italian mafia (so he is used to resorting to unconventional methods). The protagonist is considered the Robin Hood of modern times as he battles industrial giants and corrupt politicians. After several years of loyal service, he has decided to return to South Korea where he cannot help but resume his activities.

Our hero will meet a fatal woman who exercises the same profession as him. Like Vincenzo, this young woman is willing to do anything to get justice and will stop at nothing! This is not a classic k-drama because the love story between the two main characters is not the central element of the story.

We do not know if the entirety of season 1 will be uploaded on Sunday, May 2, 2021 on Netflix. Currently, eighteen episodes of the twenty that make up the first season have been broadcast in South Korea. So it is conceivable that you could observe binges from almost the entire season 1.

Is the cast of the series up to the task?

If you have seen ” Descendants of the Sun »(Available on Netflix), then Song Joong Ki’s face is not unknown to you. The actor’s popularity has skyrocketed since he played Vincenzo Cassano. Share the screen with Jeon Yeo-been (After my death, Life in paradise). There is no doubt that a season 2 will be ordered after the crazy audiences achieved by the series.

What time will Vincenzo season 1 be available on Netflix?

Normally the first episodes will premiere on Netflix from 9:01 am but nothing has been formalized. This means that Vincenzo’s adventures may be accessible from midnight on the streaming platform. Waiting Vincenzo season 1, you can see the new anime uploaded to Netflix: Yasuke.

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