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Vincenzo Season 1: Explanation of the ending of the Netflix series!

May 8, 2021

Discover the explanation of the end of season 1 of Vincenzo on Netflix!

Vincenzo is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of season 1, keep reading! As we now know, there is a conflict between the lawyers who are Hong Chang Young, Vincenzo Cassano and the Babel Group. The CEO of the huge commodity is Jang Jun Woo. He is an evil person who is a medium and who killed his own father.

Jang Jun Woo also killed his classmates and collected their watches as a souvenir to feel superior. It is the absolute evil in a human body. Babel’s group conspired against Hong Yoo Chan and killed him. Which enraged Cha Young, and she teams up with Vincenzo to get revenge. We tell you all about him End of Vincenzo season 1 on Netflix !

Vincenzo Season 1 Ending Explained!

Vincenzo foils the threat of Han-Seok and the other acolytes of the Babel group. He tortures Han-Seok and kills him. Vincenzo fled to Italy to escape the police, where he went from consigliere to crime boss. His time in Korea has softened him up a bit and Vincenzo is now interested in the “trash” of the world. He wants to eliminate them before they harm innocent people.

For the end of season 1Vincenzo says that two days ago he used three members of the Luciano family as compost for the vineyard and took control of the olive groves in Malta. He’s still a bad guy and doesn’t care about justice. Justice is weak and empty. You can’t beat any villain just fairly. If there is a ruthless justice, he is willing to submit to it. Even the wicked aspire to live in a peaceful world. However, since this is impossible, he embarked on a new hobby. Get rid of the garbage. If you don’t, people will die buried under the garbage. Evil prevails and is vehement.

Vincenzo’s Season 1 Ending Impressive, Episode 20 brings everything fans expected with a cinematic ending. The final episode of season 1 sets the benchmark for Korean dramas in 2021.

Who dies at the end of Vincenzo season 1?

Han-Seo died thanks to being shot in the stomach by her brother. Han-Seok then hired two henchmen to stab Seung-Hyeuk in court. He was stabbed in the stomach and another in the shoulder. Seung-Hyeuk’s death is outrageous and eye-catching enough, reflecting his character traits throughout the season.

Vincenzo then tortures Myung Hee and makes sure she dies slowly. After opening her feet, he makes her pour gasoline on her head with sprinklers and turns it on. Vincenzo then uses the “Spear of Atonement” against Han-Seok. A torture device with a drill on the end. He killed him slowly, in the most painful way possible.

What happened to the Italians?

Vincenzo paid the Italians in episode 19 with a large sum of money. He made a contract and paid them 80 million euros. This made it possible to pay off the debt and end their hunt, but also to stay in Korea and fight the Babel group.

However, Vincenzo killed several members of the Luciano family during the year-long jump. It seems that there he solved blood problems and used them as fertilizer when he returned to Italy.

vincenzo season 1 finale

Cha Young and the island!

Vincenzo’s Season 1 Ending ends up leading to a reunion, and these will delight the fans. When Cha-young attends the event, Vincenzo walks up to her. And the earth stops when she looks at the man she missed and smiles. Vincenzo explains that he sneaked in with the Italian delegation, but that he must leave the next day. He tells her that he will invite her to his island. Cha-young knows it’s the island on the postcard. He bought it near Malta.

Vincenzo thanks Cha-young for hiding the gold in his house. He reveals that the island is used for many things, including “hiding loved ones and healing.” They both express how much they miss each other, and then Vincenzo kisses to prove it. Vincenzo must go, leaving another moment of sadness.