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Van Helsing Season 5: Netflix Series Ending Explained!

July 17, 2021

Discover the explanation of the ending of season 5 of Van Helsing on Netflix!

Van Helsing is available on Netflix! If you want to know everything about the explanation of the end of season 5, keep reading! The penultimate episode of the Van Helsing season 5 follows Vanessa and the rest of the group as they attempt to free Bathory from Dracula’s control. Despite the loss of some of his allies, Dracula will not give up easily and he still has a long way to go. To find out if a season 6 will see the light of day, read this. We tell you all about Van Helsing season 5 finale explained !

Van Helsing season 5 finale explained

Bathory is dead, after throwing herself off the ledge of a tall building to prevent the Dark One from using her as a pawn. This seriously jeopardizes our heroes’ plan for him to read the ancient scrolls to knock out Dracula while they kill him. However, there could be a saving grace to all of this: Vanessa finds the Dark One’s Pentagram insignia on Bathory’s neck, and by cutting it and grafting it onto her own arm, she can use it to enter. Spirit of Dracula. A clever trick.

Back at Resistance HQ, Vanessa explains another sleight of hand: after merging with Bathory, she can now read the scrolls. It will surely be useful. This includes the president’s security service, who chase him and Aaron into an engine room where they barricade themselves. A transformed sergeant, Wethers, finds them there and takes Aaron hostage.

Park tries to reason with him, he explains that he knows her hunger and assures her that he can beat her. She surrenders and leads the First Family to safety, sacrificing herself to a group of hungry vampires in the process. Meanwhile, Van Helsing’s gang has arrived at the White House Sanctuary and enters the Oval Office, reading scrolls. Vanessa begins to cast the spell when Dracula steals her voice and knocks out Violet and Jack with a blast of energy.

Dracula is unable to maintain control over Van Helsing and Olivia, and his grip is loosened, giving Vanessa a chance to continue reciting the scrolls. The words paralyze Dracula, and Violet and Jack can pounce on her and sink their teeth into her neck. The darkness leaves her body and enters… Vanessa. She makes the ultimate sacrifice, providing her body as a container to contain evil, a choice that pays dearly.

van helsing season 5 finale

Things are beginning to return to a certain normality. Outside, the darkness leaves the sky, the sun is shining, and the vampires are human again. The Dark One has been defeated and Olivia Van Dracula returns to her body, alive and in Violet’s care.

Ivory also makes a sacrifice on her side. She decides that for now at least, her destiny is to travel the Earth in search of survivors from the sister community. Of course, Jack’s heart breaks upon hearing this, but she also sacrifices her own happiness in Ivory’s service, knowing that one day they will reunite.

Axel is also putting his future on hold to take care of Vanessa, the “sleeping beauty”, as he did in the first episode of the series. You are not ready to quit just yet. We enter Vanessa’s head, where she enjoys her old apartment and her old company. Susan is there, and so is Dylan. It is real ? As Susan tells us, the illusion is as real as Vanessa wants it to be.