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Van Helsing Season 4: Series Ending Explained!

July 13, 2021

Discover the explanation of the ending of season 4 of van helsing on Netflix!

Van Helsing is available on Netflix! If you want to know everything about the explanation of the end of season 4, keep reading! With the news of the renewal of the fifth season, Van helsing sends viewers on a mental journey that promises to renew the family plot and suggests that a new generation of vampire killers may be ready to take up the family torch.

With Vanessa presumably still trapped in the Dark Realm, “The Beholder” puts the emphasis on Jack and Violet’s shoulders, and the genetically engineered sisters don’t disappoint. But let’s not lose sight of the fact that without the guiding hand and wisdom of Sergeant Axel Miller, this fight may well be over a long time ago.

Approaching the end of a season is always tricky, but showrunner Jonathan Lloyd Walker’s decision to go all-out and leave viewers with a terrifying, yet hauntingly moving final scene, cleverly establishes a series conclusion, which gives the authors long to explore what it means to be a Van Helsing in the chaotic world they hope to return to the human race.

Van Helsing’s story has always featured some form of bewilderment, and now that the shapeshifter component is in full swing, it’s even more difficult for the characters and the audience to figure out who’s who and what’s going on. To discover Van Helsing season 4 finale explained, keep reading!

van helsing season 4 finale

Van Helsing season 4 finale explained

Unable to fight Dracula due to his near-omnipotent control of the Dark Realm, Violet and Jack sit down as Dracula explains that the two sisters were not created as a weapon to destroy her, but rather as a means of escape. She shows the sisters a vision of their father, Wilhelm, forced by his dreams of Dracula to sleep with two women and pass Dracula’s blood to them, turning Violet and Jack into his biological daughters, unrelated to Vanessa.

Another revelation from the Dark One is that the dreams, voices, and visions that brought Violet, Jack, and Vanessa together were psychic visions of Dracula herself, reinforcing the idea that Jack and Violet’s fate always did. the sisters to her.

This plot is finally resolved, as it turns out that it was when Dracula planted a Seed of Darkness in Jack, who only grew up with a Psychic Seed when Bathory interrogated Jack and him marked with a pentagram, allowing the Dark One to have great influence over Jack. .

While this new type of Superwalker of the day may still die by beheading, the battle leaves Axel and Julius in dire straits, as inhaling the orange powder also negates their healing abilities. Violet and Ivory, however, retained their healing abilities. Dracula may have broken Ivory’s neck, but that doesn’t stop her for long, and she frees Violet to help her destroy Dracula before he is freed.

Unfortunately, they are too late, as Dracula and Bathory take off in a presidential helicopter while Violet and Ivory are eliminated by loyal soldiers whom they take for President Archer. Although they manage to reach the Sunshine Bunker, Julius collapses and, despite evidence to the contrary, appears to be dead. Of course, Doc is expected to be on the other side of the active security camera and to be able to deal with whatever new illnesses Julius and Axel are suffering from. But above all, we are forced to wonder if the two men have not lost their immunity and returned to their original human state.