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Valeria Season 3: The series could have three more seasons but Netflix …

August 14, 2021

The original Spanish creation is one of the most popular series in Latin America and Spain. The first few episodes were watched in excess by several million subscribers, which explains why the sequel was eagerly awaited.

The adventures of our favorite heroine could once again spread through the streaming platform, but everything will depend on the reception of the public. It will be absolutely necessary for the fans to be there. If you want to know all the information we have about Valeria season 3 launch, You have come to the right place!

Will there be a Valeria season 3 on Netflix soon?

Note that the fiction is inspired by a literary saga written by Elísabet Benavent. In Valeria’s shoes (Original name) is divided into five novels, which means that Netflix could potentially produce three more seasons.

Obviously things are not so simple, it is not because the streaming giant has the possibility of staging Valeria season 3 which necessarily will. As is often the case, the fate of the original Spanish creation will depend on the audiences.

If the number of subscribers who saw the first episodes is also large to watch the second part, it is very likely that Netflix agrees to produce Valeria season 3. We are almost certain that this scenario will come true as Spanish fiction is very popular.

To get an idea of ​​the success of the series, you can simply check out the top ten in Spain that appear when you are looking for a new nugget to watch. If the second season manages to be at least in the top three in its first week of publication, there will be a 90% chance that Netflix orders Valeria season 3.

Will Netflix announce the premiere date of Valeria season 3 soon?

The first season went live on May 8 and Netflix confirmed its renewal on June 12. Therefore, it took the streaming platform four weeks to announce that there will be new episodes.

Therefore, we can assume that the delay to know if Netflix will agree to finance Valeria season 3 will be almost identical. Therefore, we will have to be patient because season 3 has not been ordered in advance unlike several other recently released series.

If the continuation of the adventures of our favorite writer is renewed, Valeria’s season 3 premiere date will be in May or August 2022. Two scenarios are possible:

Netflix agrees to produce new episodes quickly, production crews go to work before the end of the summer and the Valeria season 3 release is scheduled for May 2022.

In the second scenario, Netflix is ​​slow to renew its original creation and this delay pushes the premiere date of season 3 of Valéria until August 2022. Hopefully, the health crisis won’t affect the shooting; otherwise the wait may be even longer!

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