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Upshaw Family Season 1: Netflix Sitcom Ending Explained!

May 12, 2021

Check out the final explanation of The Upshaw Family season 1 on Netflix! Breakup, new child, etc.

The Upshaw Family is available on Netflix! If you want to know Upshaw Family Season 1 Final Explanation, keep reading! The Upshaw family is the story of a mixed family full of different personalities and light struggles. Trying to avoid the mistakes of the past, the family patriarch takes the initiative to become a better husband and father to his beautiful family.

There may be a few bumps and bruises along the way, but this dad and his family will get through them all. To learn all about the season two release, read this. Otherwise, if you want to know everything about the End of The Upshaw Family Season 1, keep reading!

The Upshaw Family Season 1 Ending Explained

Bennie, after all her experiences at the season 1, seems to have returned to the starting point. One of Regina’s biggest triggers and the source of many of her arguments is Bennie and her son’s affair with Tasha. Although Regina eventually gets used to Kelvin, Tasha’s son, she has always made her displeasure known about it. With the arrival of another child, pretending to be Bennie’s, Regina may be on the edge of her wits. The added pressure from her GMAT, which she first fails and decides to resume, along with the financial pressure of raising another child, could cause Regina to kick Bennie out of the house once again.

Even for Bennie, who usually finds a way to get it right or fix it, this situation will put him to the test. It remains to be seen how he explains the girl to Regina, and it is possible that she was conceived during the couple’s breakup. However, the other more worrisome situation would be Bennie having a one-night stand with someone after one of his binges.

Either way, it will take a long time for Regina to recover from the newcomer to the family. The situation will certainly not be easier for Lucretia, who will take the opportunity to try to separate Regina and Bennie. However, just like with Kelvin, explaining to his youngest daughter Maya where the new girl came from can be a daunting task.

the upshaw family season 1 finale

How many breakups have Bennie and Regina had?

Bennie and Regina have been together since high school. As Lucretia sarcastically relates, the couple experienced an early pregnancy, a second mortgage, a “broken baby” and a third mortgage. Meanwhile, the couple took a break from conceiving Aaliyah. It’s unclear how long that hiatus lasted, but during that time Bennie had Kelvin with Tasha, adding a whole new level of complexity to the family dynamic.

While they don’t talk much about their breakup, it’s clearly a very drastic step for the couple. Even at her wits’ end, Regina only takes Bennie out of the house for a few days. Therefore, in all likelihood, they just took a break from each other. It could open a whole new Pandora’s box for Bennie though, as the girl who appears on his doorstep looks so much younger than Kelvin.

This means that if he and Regina have not taken a second break, it is very likely that Bennie has been unfaithful to his wife. This could be the biggest hurdle the family has faced thus far and it could lead to a real rift between Regina and Bennie.