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Twilight 5: Explanation of the end of the saga! What does this mean?

July 1, 2021

Discover the explanation of the ending of Revelation Part 2 available on Netflix!

Twilight is available in its entirety on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of the Twilight saga, keep reading! After the dramatic and traumatic ending of “Breaking Dawn, Part 1”, with the violent birth of Edward and Bella’s baby, the weak and clumsy Bella is finally a powerful vampire.

The strength of this latest installment, which has received better reviews than all previous films, lies in its artistic choices to transform the novel into a script. Dawn Part 2 skips over some of the longer parts of the book, like Bella’s descriptions of her new vampire life, to jump right into the action. To purchase the Twilight books, click here. Other, to enjoy the Kindle format with a free 14-day trial, you are here.

Choosing plans conveys your thoughts without giving it too much thought. Another one of those good translation options was moving Renesmee, Edward and Bella’s vampire / human girl, from baby to elementary school pretty quickly.

The dialogue in this latest film is surprisingly peppered with hilarious moments. Forewarned humor the end of twilight for being overly emotional, heavy and melodramatic and rewarding book fans with those awkward and hilarious moments between characters they have come to know and love beyond characterizing the movie. If you want to know the explanation of the end of Twilight 5, keep reading!


The movie picks up where the previous movie left off, when Bella Cullen opens her eyes after her transformation into a vampire. Her senses heighten and she enjoys a moment with her husband, Edward Cullen, and his perfect beauty. While hunting, he quickly learns to harness his enhanced senses and abilities.

When they return home, Jacob Black uses her as a guinea pig to see if she is tame enough to get to know his daughter without hurting her. After passing the test, he meets Renesmee, who shows him his first memory of Bella as a human thanks to her gift. Bella later discovers that Jacob has taken over Renesmee and angrily confronts him. Seth Clearwater intervenes and is thrown into a tree by Bella herself, who apologizes to him immediately afterward.

Jacob, upset by the idea of ​​being separated from “Nessie”, runs to Charlie to show him his ability to transform into a wolf, then explains that Bella had to change to cure her “disease”. Despite Edward and Bella’s anger, Jacob partially calms them by explaining that he hasn’t told Charlie about vampires. Charlie confronts Bella, demanding answers, but she explains that she will have to leave if she wants the truth.

She realizes that even though her time as a human is over, being a vampire has made her more alive than she was born. Sam and Jacob’s packs work out their differences. Renesmee’s rapid growth worries the Cullens, who plan to travel to Brazil to learn about Ticuna legends that could tell them how Renesmee will fare in the future.

Months later, Irina arrives in Forks and mistakenly identifies Renesmee as an “immortal child” when she sees her from afar. Hoping to resolve the matter peacefully, the Cullens set out in search of their friends. Meanwhile, due to the increasing number of vampires staying with the Cullens to witness Rensemee’s growth, more and more Quileutes are beginning to transform and join the pack.

Confronting the assembled Cullen witnesses the next morning, the Volturi discover that they have been misinformed. Irina is then immediately executed for her “false accusation” in a ploy to push Kate and Tanya to revenge to justify their fight. However, Zafrina stops him. The rest of the Cullens, the Volturi and their respective allies engage in a great battle!

Twilight 5 final explanation

Twilight 5 ending explained

Many people die, including Jasper, Jane, Caius, Marcus, and Aro, who are killed by Edward and Bella. However, right after Bella finishes off the leader of the Volturi, the scene changes and we find Alice and Aro touching hands.

What a trick! Alice was showing Aro what the future would have been like if both sides had fought for Bella’s super special mental shield, the Cullens and the others were on par with the Volturi. A battle would mean losses for everyone.

The rest of the film unfolds in much the same way as Meyer’s writing. Witnesses to Alice Nahuel, half human, half vampire, and her aunt Huilen explain that Renesmee will reach maturity seven years after her birth and that she poses no danger to the vampire life form. The Volturi are leaving, the Romanians are upset that there was no fight, the Denalis mourn the loss of their sister Irina, the rest of the vampires return home and they all live their “little but perfect piece of eternity”.

Some time later, back in the meadow, Bella removes her shield to allow Edward to access her thoughts for the first time. Edward, stunned, asks her how she did it, and she replies that she has practiced, then adds that now she knows that no one has ever loved someone as much as they do, but he disagrees and says yes. an exception. Then he asks him to take off his shield again. She assures him that they have plenty of time. Edward adds “forever” and Bella agrees.

The movie ends with Bella and Edward kissing as the scene goes black and white, then opens to the last page of the Breaking Dawn novel and turns off the word “forever.”