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Three Meters Above the Sky Season 2: Ending Explained!

June 4, 2021

Check out the Three Meters Above the Sky season 2 finale explanation on Netflix!

Three Meters Above the Sky is available on Netflix! If you want to know everything about the explanation of the end of season 2, keep reading! For those who dream of romance in Italy and sunny beaches, the series Three meters above the sky is exactly what you need. Created by Mirko Cetrangolo and Anita Rivaroli, the series is inspired by the book “Three meters above the sky” by Federico Moccia. The series is based on a book, to get it, click here.Other, To enjoy the Kindle format with a free 14-day trial, it’s here.

The Italian series was originally released on April 29, 2020 on Netflix. In the city of Cesenatico, Summer and Ale are united by circumstances. Summer accepts a job at the hotel where Ale’s mother is a manager. While Summer is an introvert, Ale is a famous motorcycle racer. To find out when the third season will be released, read this. If you have any questions about the End of Season 2 of Three Meters Above, keep reading!

What does Summer want?

When Summer witnesses Lola’s accident, that moment also shows her a side of Ale that she has never seen before. In season 1, Ale doubted that he wanted to remake the bike. His encounter with Lola helped him rekindle this passion. But Ale also had an unfinished business with his rival, Jacobi Sandro.

The race for end of season 2 It was a milestone in Ale’s career, but it showed where her priorities really lie. When Lola crashes, Ale stops her motorcycle to check on her. He abandons the race, which Sandro wins. It’s an incredibly romantic gesture that makes Summer cry. While the show doesn’t explicitly mention it, this moment allows Summer to realize how much she loves Ale.

Of course, Lola is still on the run. If she survives and recovers, she and Ale are likely to be closer than ever. Summer may have achieved what she wants, but getting it will be harder than ever.

three meters above the sky season 2 finale

Three Meters Above the Sky Season 2 Ending Explained

There are two other developments for the season 2 finale of Three Meters Above that have implications for Summer’s future. Summer’s friend Dario has a budding romance with Rita, a single mother who has a son, Davide. Dario doubts he’s ready to take on the responsibilities of a stepfather, but in the season 2 finale, he got engaged to her.

Dario-Rita’s story is a subplot and, like many subplots, reflects the situation of the main character. Summer herself is clearly torn between committing to Ale or committing to one of her other lovers. Dario and Rita can encourage him to get seriously engaged to Ale. But Dario and Rita must also think about Davide.

Then there’s Summer’s troubled friendship with Sofia. TO the season 2 finale of Three Meters AboveSofia admitted that she has long had romantic feelings for her best friend. Summer didn’t notice, but Sofia was still hurt by the fact that Summer didn’t return the favor. This will undoubtedly put Summer and Sofia’s friendship to the test, but it also has sinister implications for Summer and Ale.

Ale has always been more in love with Summer than the other way around. Summer could try to get back together with Ale in season 3, but she also saw how much she hurt Sofia by not responding to her feelings. Another break could destroy the bond between Summer and Ale.

Lola is dead?

Lola’s life is at stake and since she is not moving she appears to be seriously injured, possibly even with a broken neck or spine. There’s a lot of camera shaking around these scenes so it’s hard to see for sure, but it looks like it’s still alive. In terms of potential follow-up, this would certainly be the most likely scenario. However, this remains open to interpretation.