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The Witcher’s Nightmare of the Wolf 2: what Netflix release date?

August 24, 2021

Discover all the information about The Witcher The Wolf’s Nightmare 2 on Netflix! Release date, renewal, etc.

The Witcher The Wolf’s Nightmare is available on Netflix! To know everything about the launch of a suite, we tell you everything! Anyone familiar with the many iterations of The Wizard, Fantastic books, Andrzej Sapkowski’s video games or the recent Netflix adaptation: Meet the sword-wielding hero Geralt, a role currently played by Henry Cavill.

They can also meet Geralt’s teacher, the magician Vesemir, who remains a relatively low-key figure in Geralt’s story on the Netflix series. But in the season 1 finale, Vesemir came out with a warm echo: “Geralt, I was waiting for you.” For the explanation of the ending of The Witcher, read this.

We now know that Vesemir’s voiceover was an Easter egg for an unannounced The Witcher. Written and produced by Beau DeMayo, screenwriter for The Wizardand co-produced by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, showrunner and executive producer of The Witcher, the animated film, which is available now at Netflix, presents Vesemir as a disgruntled servant of a noble domain.

He soon flees slavery and sets out in search of money and fame at the brutal Witcher headquarters in Kaer Morhen. There, his body and soul undergo numerous magical trials and experiences in order to mold his mortal body into a magical and suitable physique for the vocation of a monster slayer. We tell you all about The Witcher’s Nightmare of the Wolf 2 released on Netflix!

the witcher the sequel to the nightmare of the wolf

What release date of The Witcher’s Nightmare of the Wolf 2 on Netflix?

Although Netflix is ​​expanding the world of The Wizard, there is no evidence that the movie is more than a single episode. While he arguably has many other adventures – he was one of the oldest wizards, he lived over 200 years, his character arc and his journey essentially ended. Therefore, it is unlikely that Netflix will order a sequel.

Vesemir is a key figure among wizards, and in Sapkowski’s books, Geralt brought Ciri to the Magic Dungeon to train with him. James Baxter was cast to play the role of Vesemir in season 2 of The Witcher, presumably following the plot of the Sapkowski novels.

But interestingly, Alexander Squires will also play the role of young Geralt in flashbacks. This means that there could be a strong connection between The Witcher season 2 and Nightmare of the wolfAlthough it will be interesting to see if the portraits of Vesemir and young Geralt match. Considering all that, yeah The Witcher’s Nightmare of the Wolf 2 will have a Netflix release date, should be established by the end of 2022.