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The Witcher The Wolf’s Nightmare: Ending Explained!

August 23, 2021


The Witcher The Wolf’s Nightmare is available on Netflix! To know everything about the explanation of the end, keep reading! Netflix’s new animated spinoff on the mega-popular Witcher media franchise, which was adapted from Andrzej Sapkowski’s Polish novels into blockbuster video games and then into a live-action television series, is aimed quite squarely at the current series of fans.

It is a prequel to a character who was not in the series and refers to an important event in the history of the universe. Some, if not all, of this event might be hinted at in the Henry Cavill-directed series’ upcoming second season, but the series largely functions as such, as a graceful way to develop a rich fantasy setting.

It also contains major plot twists, character deaths, and thematic elements that help make the film, like all Witcher stories, a story of bigotry and self-preservation above all else, and it’s worth a closer look. at the end of the movie. . To discover the explanation of the ending of The Witcher Le Cauchemar du Loup, keep reading!

Final explanation of The Witcher’s Nightmare of the Wolf

Reidrich created the hybrids between Kitsu and Mahr, who in turn tried to create monsters in his image from the elf girls he kidnapped. However, these experiments were unsuccessful. During the hunt, Vesemir and Tetra find the remains of these unfortunate elf girls.

After Vesemir and Tetra find out, the former lets his elf friend Fil leave with the sole survivor of the experiences before returning to Kaer Morhen to confront Deglan. Elsewhere, Tetra discovers that the Kitsu-Mahr hybrid is still alive. She finds the creature and convinces it to join her in her quest for revenge against the wizards.

the witcher the end of the wolf's nightmare

It is revealed that a wizard killed Tetra’s mother after accusing her of witchcraft and theft. He then returns to Ard Carraigh and gives the king a proof of magical crimes. Later, Luka is executed and Tetra heads to Kaer Morhen with a large crowd of soldiers, civilians, and their henchmen.

Vesemir leaves Kaer Morhen with Illyana after she convinces him to spare the Kitsu-Mahr hybrid’s life. They stop in front of a frozen lake. With magic, Vesemir makes it as hot as a hot spring. As Illyana dies in his arms, Vesemir indulges in pain for the first time.

Vesemir will have to rebuild the school from scratch. With the death of Reidrich and his cohorts, there is no one left with the knowledge of alchemy to turn ordinary humans into wizards. This means that Vesemir must find a magician who can perform such a task.

In a way, that’s good. This gives Geralt and the other mages of the future a fresh start, without the baggage of their predecessors. The film ends when Vesemir fully assumes his role as a mentor to Geralt and the others.