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The Vanished: Explanation of the ending! What’s wrong with Taylor?

August 13, 2021

Watch The Vanished ending explanation on Netflix! Paul and Wendy, etc.

The Vanished is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the ending of The Vanished, keep reading! Directed by Peter Facinelli, the psychological thriller The missing revolves around the mysterious disappearance of 10-year-old Taylor Michaelson. Taylor’s parents, Paul and Wendy, take her and their dog to camp for a family vacation.

But as soon as they arrive, things get worse. While Wendy is at the camp office / grocery store and Paul sets up the trailer, Taylor appears to disappear into thin air. She is not in the motorhome, or anywhere in sight, and no one can find her or remember seeing her.

During the movie Netflix, Paul and Wendy will stop at nothing to find their daughter. Shocking events happen everywhere The missingBut nothing is stranger than the twisted ending where viewers finally find out what happened to Taylor. To find out if it’s based on a true story, read this. Otherwise, we will tell you all about The end of The Vanished!

Explanation of the ending of The Vanished

The missing He puts a lot on the various plates of his possible suspects. The gardener takes drugs. Sheriff Booker lost his own son and is now a drunkard. And yes, there is the question of the owner of the motorhome being a pedophile, a fact that the stupid Booker agents did not discover in their “investigation” into the disappearance of Taylor.

But something strange is happening with Paul and Wendy, which Booker has also not seen in the background. Of course, they are as distraught as they should be, and Wendy’s stomach pumped as she swallowed a handful of Ambien. But if Taylor is 10 years old, how can Wendy be pregnant in the photo Booker found of the happy couple and their caravan posing across the river in front of the Twin Towers? When a deputy sheriff reports that Paul’s DNA matches the murder of another client at the camp, Booker truly knows that he has been ripped off.

During an explanatory call from Zoom, Paul’s brother explains to authorities that Taylor, in fact, died in a camp six years ago, and that since then, the couple have been experiencing a delusional episode in real time, a syndrome that he called “Madness for Two.” , or a shared psychosis caused by trauma. The Taylor they were looking for?

It’s a sad memory, which led Paul and Wendy to stage these increasingly bizarre episodes. Authorities rush to the trailer park, but the couple is gone, and we join Paul and Wendy on the road in their truck, smiling at each other and singing “99 Bottles of Beer” as images of their daughter singing pass by. display. After great pain, comes a formal feeling.

the end of the missing explanation

The endless loop

To the end of The Vanished, while Wendy is depressed, Paul begins to give up saving his daughter. He gets to pile all his things in a box which he then throws away. This scene shows that Paul has finally come to terms with his daughter’s death and that he is not ready to go back into the circle of mourning.

TO the end of The VanishedAs Wendy and Paul leave the camp, it seems that they have finally come to terms with the death of their daughter. And since they got rid of all their things, nothing will make them think about her. But just before the credits start, Paul and Wendy watch an old video of their daughter and start directing her. Then they plunge back into their tragic loops of pain.