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The two series you shouldn’t miss this weekend on Netflix

July 3, 2021

You do not know what to see on the famous streaming platform of the company with the red logo, rest assured that we are here so you do not miss the two new original series of the moment. A lot of dramas have been added to Netflix this week, but here are the two not to be missed: the Italian comedy called Generation 56k and the Chinese anime The Daily Life of the Immortal.

Generation 56k: the nostalgic comedy

The new original creation is the result of a collaboration between Italian YouTubers group The Jackal and the streaming giant. Italian comedy goes back to the time when the internet boomed and completely changed the world.

The original fiction follows Matlida and Daniel, two friends who little by little seem to represent one more than the other and whose friendship seems to turn into love. The comedy takes place in two time periods, so we can witness the history of the couple for two decades.

the daily life of the immortal king: The Blockbuster Anime of the Future

If you loved it One hit man Y the disastrous life of saiki k, you will especially like this new anime which has many similarities. Also, the animation and graphics of The Daily Life of the immortal king will leave you speechless.

The original anime follows Wang Lin, a young man like no other. In fact, he is gifted with superpowers, but the teenager dreams of a serene and normal life. Unfortunately, hope for a peaceful life seems to fade when his extraordinary abilities are discovered.