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The two series you shouldn’t miss on Netflix this weekend

May 8, 2021

Like every week, we recommend two fictions for bingeing without moderation on Netflix. The streaming giant adds new content every day and it can be difficult to navigate. Today we offer you two completely different genres, on the one hand superheroes and on the other a mafia lawyer. Maybe you have time to see both …

Jupiter’s Legacy: A Drama Series Featuring a Dysfunctional Family

Netflix’s new original creation is inspired by the comics of the same name. The story takes place in our time, when a group of superheroes decide that it is time to retire.

Sheldon and his wife have two children: Brandon dreams of replacing his father, but is far from sharing the same values ​​as him. Unlike her brother, Chloe wants to stay out of this world and prefers to have fun using hard drugs.

The superhero couple did not realize that in their fight to save the world, they abandoned their children with whom they now have great difficulty communicating. Jupiter’s Legacy is more of a family drama than a classic superhero series, it may not be on the level of The Boys, but it’s worth watching!

Vincenzo: A former mob lawyer is back on duty!

The main character is a lawyer who worked for the Italian mafia for several years. When he returned to his native country (South Korea) he attacked big companies with his unconventional methods …

Vincenzo will also meet a woman who seems as determined as him. Birds of a feather flock together ? Reply Sunday on Netflix, where the entire first season will go online.

The series was broadcast at a rate of one episode per week around the world on the streaming platform (except in Spain) and was regularly among the top ten most viewed content each week. It could well be that Vincenzo is successful in Spain …