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The two series you should not miss this weekend on Netflix

August 14, 2021

The company with the red logo has put many new series online this week, but here are the two original creations not to be missed this weekend: Gone forever, a French miniseries, and His kingdom, a captivating fiction. So wait no more, and good viewing!

Gone Forever: A Phenomenal Miniseries!

Inspired by a novel of the same name, written by the famous American author Harlan Coben, the French series will undoubtedly be a masterpiece like previous television adaptations of Coben’s novels.

The new miniseries takes place in the beautiful Parisian capital and follows Guillaume Lucchesi, a man who has been through many headaches and has lost two of his loved ones. Ten years later, Guillaume has finally turned the page thanks to his new girlfriend Judith. But, everything falls apart when her lover suddenly disappears …

For now, Netflix has yet to order Ever Gone season 2, as it is a miniseries.

His kingdom: a fascinating original Argentine creation!

The new Argentine series that has recently landed on the streaming giant, wonderfully combines themes of religion, politics, drama and the mystery of the thriller. The original creation addresses real questions about the political sphere of this country.

Set in Argentina, the new series follows an evangelical pastor named Emilio Vázquez Peña. A man of the Church who is running for the vice-presidency of the country. But, at the end of the electoral campaign, the pastor encountered many difficulties such as riots against him or the murder of his running mate.