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The two series you should not miss this weekend on Netflix

June 19, 2021

Like every Saturday, we meet to recommend two series that should occupy your long summer afternoons if you do not plan to go out with friends. Two original creations by the streaming giant were released this week, Katla, an apocalyptic fiction, and Valkyrie Apocalypse, an anime inspired by a famous manga. Good vision !

Katla – an exceptional original creation!

The original series was created by Baltasar Kormákur, the same director who produced “Everest,” an exceptional film that is no longer being shown. If you love science fiction or apocalyptic creations, you will love this mysterious new drama!

The first season of Katla has been available on the streaming platform since last Thursday and is already in the ranking of the most viewed content in Spain on Netflix. The story of the science fiction series takes place in a small and isolated Icelandic town after a volcanic eruption. This danger will be at the origin of supernatural phenomena and will confront the inhabitants with an impossible mystery to solve.

As of now, it is still unclear if Katla season 2 will be ordered, but it is highly likely that more episodes will arrive soon.

Valkyrie Apocalypse: The Future Blockbuster Anime!

The fiction is adapted from a famous manga called “Record of Ragnarok”. The first season of the original creation is already rated excellent by viewers. In addition, anime has already reached fourth place in the top ten in Spain, one more reason not to miss out.

Based on the manga by Aji Chika, Fukui Takumi and Umemura Shinya, the Gods consider that human beings no longer evolve, they decide that it is the end of humanity. But the Valkyries are opposed to this decision and, therefore, the fate of the humans will be determined by a final battle between thirteen champions of humanity and thirteen gods.