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The two series you should not miss this weekend on Netflix

May 29, 2021

Like every week, we meet to recommend two completely different series to please as many people as possible. Two new fictions went online this week, Eden, a new anime produced by Netflix, and Panic, an original creation by Prime Video. Good viewing!

Panic: the future series of new phenomena

The original creation is inspired by Lauren Oliver’s novel of the same name published in 2019. The new fiction is rich in twists and turns and perfect for fanatic viewers of suspense series.

Panic is the name of the game for the original new creation that follows a group of young college students who risk their lives in an illegal game in order to win a lot of money to be able to leave. Trials and challenges are released anonymously, but there will only be one winner.

Eden: the new Japanese anime produced entirely by Netflix

If you particularly enjoy the streaming giant’s original anime, then you’re going to love this new fiction. In addition, the American company turned to Justin Leach (Ghost in the shell) to make this new anime.

The plot takes place in the near future, where all humans are long gone, while the only survivors are robots. But life changes overnight when two robots discover a cryogenic human baby and start raising it together.