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The two series to watch on Netflix this weekend

June 26, 2021

Here are the two great series not to be missed: Sex / Life and Jiva! Two new original creations that will undoubtedly be all the rage among subscribers of the streaming platform. For fans of rhythmic series, we recommend Jiva! And for those who need love or just those who love complicated dating stories, we recommend Sex / Life.

Sex / Life: the new series of phenomena!

If you liked Fifty Shades of Gray, then you are going to love the original Sex / Life new creation! The characters are all more beautiful than the others and the stories of Billie’s hearts are fascinating.

For those new to the trailer who haven’t seen it yet, here’s a little story: Billie is married to the beautiful Cooper and a housewife. But she gets bored in her monotonous life and begins to regret her past, especially her ex-boyfriend Brad. Billie therefore decides to write her forbidden thoughts in her journal, except that her husband will fall on them …

Jiva! : An original creation that will make you want to dance!

Do you love frenetic rhythms and swinging your hips to the beat of African music? Then this series is for you! The original creation resembles the Sexy Dance saga in which a dancer (or one) dreams of living off her passion.

The original series follows the life of a talented young dancer, Ntombi, who quits her job in order to finally be able to make her dreams come true: taking part in a dance competition.