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The Sinner Season 3: Netflix series ending explained!

June 21, 2021

Check out The Sinner Season 3 finale explanation on Netflix!

The sinner Is available in Netflix in Spain ! If you want to know the explanation of the end of season 3, keep reading! The police drama The sinner from USA has completed its season 3 in March 2020, but it’s a very different series than season 1. The Sinner was originally envisioned as a one-season limited series, recounting Detective Harry Ambrose’s investigation into a woman named Cora and a seemingly murdered chance she committed. To learn all about the season 4 launch, read this.

Since then, seasons 2 and 3 have each focused on a new murder case, but they have also deepened the personal life of Harry and his many demons. While the first two seasons forced Harry Ambrose to come to terms with his failed marriage and relationship with his mentally ill mother, the The Sinner season 3 it delved into Harry’s identity as a person, on a primitive level.

The season begins when two friends, Nick and Jamie have a car accident and Nick dies. Harry quickly realizes that Nick’s death was not entirely accidental. While investigating Jamie, Harry discovers that Nick has spent years breaking his friend’s mind, leading Jamie to increasingly destructive behavior.

Harry tries to help Jamie, but the latter begins to push Harry like Nick pushed him. If you have completed the The Sinner Season 3 and you want to know the explanation of its end in details, keep reading!

Sinner Season 3 Ending Explained

In the end of season 3Jamie’s body count rises to three as he directly or indirectly killed Nick, a soothsayer on a Manhattan night out and Detective Harry Ambrose’s station captain. All of this leads to an expected final confrontation with Harry. This result is quite superficial. In fact, much of the The Sinner season 3 suffers from having too much time to tell his story. This last encounter, however, is highly meaningful and cleverly communicates the theme of Season 3.

After a very silly game of killer clairvoyance, Jamie tells Harry that he just wanted to force him to admit that they are the same. There is a lot of evidence throughout the season that Harry and Jamie have similar philosophical leanings. Harry then appears to confirm it by shooting Jamie in the stomach. And this is where things get interesting.

Jamie begins to fall apart. He cries like a child and begs Harry to help him. As Harry kneels to treat his wound, Jamie keeps asking him if the ambulance is on the way. Although he talks a lot about the emptiness that inhabits him and his inability to feel the presence of a god, Jamie clings to life in an almost shameful way.

the final sinner season 3

When Jamie finally dies, Harry is clearly shocked by the experience. Sonya was seduced by Jamie’s murderous aura, inviting him to her home twice despite the dangers he posed. She clearly hoped he had some kind of revelation at the end… something that would have explained why he was so mysterious and attractive. But Harry can only answer truthfully.

Harry is crying because he is scared too. Harry thought he had found a compatible mind in Jamie. For Harry, it’s probably due to the horrors of his job. For Jamie, it’s simply because he took Philosophy 101 too seriously while in college.

But ultimately, killing didn’t “fix” Jamie. Death either. The only thing death told Jamie was that he was afraid of dying. What motivates Harry Ambrose and the themes of The sinner It is not evil, dissatisfaction, or sin itself. It is simply fear. The The Sinner season 3 it’s exactly like the other two seasons of the show and, in fact, like any other crime drama. It is about the fear of the unknown. Jamie didn’t realize it until it was too late. Hopefully Harry can apply this lesson to the next case.