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The Shadow of Fatma Season 1: Netflix Series Ending Explained!

April 29, 2021

Watch The Shadow of Fatma Season 1 Final Explanation on Netflix! Fatma is dead? Revelation about his past, etc.

Shadow of Fatma is available on Netflix! If you want a explanation about the end of season 1, keep reading! Created and co-directed by Ozgur Onurme, the series follows Fatma, played by Burcu Biricik, as circumstances slowly push her to commit unthinkable acts. With layers of Fatma’s past slowly unfolding and multiple treacherous characters whose motives remain unclear. The In the Shadow of Fatma Season 1 it’s a tortuous and tortuous journey that may have left you with some questions. To know everything about a season 2 launch, read this.

Fatma Episode 6 has a lot of work to do, no doubt, but she does a respectable job of tying together what has been, for the most part, a revenge thriller with a lot of inconsistency. He manages to cleverly move in a more character-oriented direction by the end. We tell you all about him End of season 1 of In the Shadow of Fatma on Netflix !

Shadow of Fatma Season 1 Ending Explained

To season 1 finale, Fatma he is brought in for questioning by the police. This matches the opening scenes of the first episode. Fatma is informed that Bayram is in custody and is shown numerous photos of the victims he killed. Fatma suddenly starts vomiting and goes out into the main hall. She begins to lose control, walking away from Mine and seeing the ghosts of everyone she has killed over the course of the season. She walks up to the ceiling and sees images of Oguz standing in front of her. Mine finally reaches her.

Mine looks at her sister with teary eyes and tells Fatma that what happened in the barn was not her fault. They were children at the time. When Fatma pushes her sister, the truth about Oguz emerges. Fatma pushed Oguz back and that is why he was hit by a car. Unable to cope with the pain anymore, Fatma throws herself from the ceiling. TO the end of season 1 of In the Shadow of Fatma, we see Fatma lying on the roof of the car, and just before the credits appear, her hand moves and she opens her eyes slightly.

Fatma is dead? What’s next for her?

Although the tempting season 1 finale of Fatma answers many questions and brings a sense of finality regarding the protagonist’s quest for revenge, we continue to doubt Fatma’s fate. Fatma, who survives her fall, feels relieved and melancholic. As viewers, we are attached to the unstoppable protagonist and we do not want her to die. However, whatever life he has from now on will likely be unhappy, given what we know. Moments before he jumps off the roof, we see the police inspector showing his lawyer photos that appear to frame Fatma in murder.

Another sad reality for Fatma, if she survives her downfall, would be to accept the fact that she killed her son, which until now she had refused to accept. Throughout the series, only two people motivate Fatma to do everything she does: her missing husband, Zafer, whom she is trying to find, and her deceased son, Oguz, whose death she is trying to avenge.

She loses confidence in her husband when she realizes that he has accepted money from her son’s murderers. Now that she realizes she could be responsible for her son’s death, she has lost the other great driving force that kept her going.

shadow of fatma season 1 finale

What had happened in the barn?

We are not explicitly shown what happened, but thanks to flashbacks it is easy to reconstruct what happened. Fatma and Mine suffered physical, emotional and sexual abuse during their childhood. Mine then left, presumably leaving Fatma alone to suffer all the abuse.

Particularly revealing is Fatma’s conversation with Ekber’s lover in episode 3. The words she used, combined with glimpses of the past, helped show just how affected she was by this situation.