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The ranking of the most popular Netflix series in the world (May 31 to June 6, 2021)

June 6, 2021

Like every Sunday, we meet to take stock of the ten most watched dramas on Netflix in the world. The ranking is made up of original creations but also other series such as Friends, an old cult fiction from the United States. In addition, we remind you that this is the top ten internationally, this means that some series are not yet available in the French Netflix catalog.

1) Lucifer : A week ago, the second part of season 5 was released and our favorite devil is still adored by the subscribers of the streaming platform, however, when will season 6 be available?

2) Ragnarök : Fiction entered the ranking of the most viewed series in the world on Netflix after the launch of its second season. But, given its popularity, will an additional season be ordered?

3) Who killed Sara? : The original creation got off to an exceptional start and now maintains its place in the rankings.

4) Friends : The American cult series remains in the rankings and even gains places, surely due to the special episode of the reunion.

5) Home : The first three seasons of StartUp are online on the streaming platform and are a success.

6) The Kominsky method Although the third season is the last, the fiction is still so popular with Netflix subscribers.

7) Vincenzo : The South Korean series has always held a place in the ranking of the most watched series in the world for a few months.

8) Tooth for sweetness : The new original creation inspired by the DC comic series is off to a remarkable start, but will it be enough to renew it for one more season?

9) SWAT : The American series is not available in the Netflix Spain catalog.

10) Luis Miguel: The Series : The new fiction episodes are very popular, he is interested in the life of a Mexican singer.