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The ranking of the most popular Netflix series in the world (June 28 to July 4, 2021)

July 4, 2021

Like every week, the famous streaming platform has spoiled us with the publication of many original creations. So we got together to take stock of the world’s most popular content on Netflix. We remind you that this is the world ranking, so it is possible that some series are not yet available in the French catalog.

1) Sex / Life: The original new creation that follows the life of a housewife is very popular and ranks number one, but can we continue her daring adventures in a second season?

2) Elite: Las Encinas high school students continue to be adored by subscribers and for a few weeks they have remained in the ranking of the most watched series internationally.

3) High voltage seduction: American reality television is highly regarded by fans of fiction.

5) The seven deadly sins : The famous anime continues to fascinate the subscribers of the platform as much as ever, but is the sixth season ordered by the streaming platform?

4) Lupine: The original creation that follows Assane’s misadventures has already been at the top of the most-watched series for several weeks.

6) Tooth for sweetness: The fantasy series has been in the ranking of the most viewed fictions for several weeks now.

7) Lucifer : The end of the fifth season has captivated subscribers who are eagerly awaiting the rest of the series, which is why it has been in the top 10 for several weeks.

8) Rick and Morty: The hit animated series has been in the most popular content ranking for two weeks now.

9) New Rich New Poor : The series is not yet available in the French catalog.

10) Katla: The new apocalyptic fiction It has been at the top of the most viewed series for a few weeks.