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The ranking of the most popular Netflix series in the world (June 21-27, 2021)

June 27, 2021

As usual, we got together to discover the most watched series in the world on the company’s streaming platform with the red logo. The ranking has changed slightly from last week, we can see that Elite is still popular with subscribers. In addition, the top ten consists almost exclusively of original creations with the exception of the animated series Rick and Morty.

1) Elite: The third season It has been available for a week and Las Encinas high school students are still passionate about the streaming platform’s subscribers, but did you know when season 5 will go online?

2) Lupine: Assane’s adventures are still fascinating, the original creation has been in the world rankings for a few weeks now.

3) Tooth for the sweet tooth: The original series is a hit, and the fiction hasn’t been off the charts since it was released on Netflix. Season 2 has already been ordered.

4) Valkyrie Apocalypse: This is one of the first original anime to have gotten off to such a great start on the streaming platform. It has continued to gain places since its broadcast but Netflix has not yet confirmed the renewal of the fiction.

5) Lucifer : The sixth season is eagerly awaited by fans of the series and remains in the ranking of the most watched fiction in the world.

6) Katla: The apocalyptic original new creation is very popular with viewers and the series already ranks sixth at the top.

7) Elite: Short story: Carla Samuel: The story based on the romance of Carla and Samuel is so popular that it managed to reach the top 10 of the most watched series.

8) High voltage seduction: Reality TV still fascinates subscribers so much.

9) Rick and Morty: The famous animated series is once again in the ranking of the most viewed series in the world. This is mainly because the season 5 broadcast started on Adult Swim …

10) Working mothers : The fifth season has conquered the subscribers of the platform and the Canadian series has been among the top of the most viewed fictions internationally for several weeks.