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The ranking of the most popular Netflix series in the world (July 26 to August 1, 2021)

August 1, 2021

As usual, we met on Sunday to take stock of the ten most watched series on Netflix in the world. The ranking has changed slightly since last week, we can already see that Sex / Life has recovered its leadership position and we can also see that new series have come to upset the Top 10. In addition, we remind you that some content may not be in the Netflix’s French catalog as it is an international ranking.

1) Sex / Life: Clearly, the original creation does not want to leave its place and returns to the top of the podium. The streaming platform’s millions of subscribers continue to love Billie’s adventures alike.

2) My first times : Fans of the original series love Devi and her ability to get into ridiculous situations. For this reason, comic fiction remains at the top of the ranking of the most popular series, but has season 3 already been ordered?

3) The good doctor: The medical series is not yet available in the French catalog.

4) Virgin River: The third part is very popular with subscribers who are already eager to meet their favorite heroes in the fourth season.

5) Red Sky: The new season, launched a week ago, is highly appreciated by fans of the series who are already wondering when season 3 will be available.

6) Castamar Cook: The original Spanish creation is to the liking of viewers and has been in the ranking of the most viewed content for a few weeks.

7) Rick and Morty: Our two favorite heroes remain in the top 10, a priori fans of the animated series still love their crazy adventures.

8) High Voltage Seduction: Brazil: The famous reality TV fascinates the subscribers of the streaming platform.

9) How to sell medicines online (fast): Fans are delighted to meet Moritz, Lenny, and Dan, yet they are already wondering if the original creation will have a season 4.

10) New Rich New Poor: The fiction has not yet been put online in Spain.