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The ranking of the most popular Netflix series in the world (July 19 to 25, 2021)

July 25, 2021

Are you curious (or curious) to know which series fascinate subscribers the most or if your favorite series is in the top 10, then we recommend that you read the rest of the article. The ranking has changed slightly compared to last week, and the original Sex / Life creation has lost its leadership position that it had held for almost a month. We would also like to remind you that some series may not be found in the company’s French catalog with the red logo.

1) My first times : Season 2 is a hit on the streaming platform and subscribers are already eager to find Devi and her friends in a third part.

2) Sex / Life: The original creation that follows the life of a housewife has taken its first place in the ranking, however, it remains in the second position.

3) Virgin River: The series already renewed for a season 4, It continues to be a success on the streaming platform and remains in the top 10 of the most viewed series.

4) The good doctor: Medical fiction is not yet available in Spain.

5) Castamar Cook: The original Spanish-language creation has been adored by subscribers since its launch, but has the streaming giant planned a second season?

6) robbery of an anthology: The series in which the thieves recounted their adventures thrills viewers, and the fiction has managed to climb to sixth place.

7) Rick and Morty: The adventures of our two favorite acolytes are still popular, and fiction has been in the top 10 of the most popular series for more than a month.

8) The course of tyrants : To everyone’s surprise, the documentary series has fascinated subscribers to the streaming platform and has been in the ranking for two weeks.

9) Atypical: The final season continues to be adored by fans of the series as much as ever, and has been in the top ten since the end of the final game.

10) New Rich New Poor: The series has not yet been uploaded to the French catalog.