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The ranking of the most popular Netflix series in the world (from August 9 to 15, 2021)

August 15, 2021

The ranking of the most watched content of the streaming giant in the world has undergone some changes since last week, including the arrival of new series and the departure of some other fictions. Also, the hit series Outer Banks was first occupied by the original new creation Hit & Run. We remind you that some content may not be available in the French catalog since it is an international ranking.

1) Hit and run: Available recently, the new original creation captivates the subscribers of the streaming platform and has managed to climb to the number one spot.

2) Outer Banks: Our favorite summer series has taken its lead, but the new season is as popular as ever.

3) The good doctor: The medical series is widely viewed around the world, but unfortunately it is not yet available in Spain.

4) Sex / Life: The original creation loses a few spots, but that’s completely normal after such a long period of being number one.

5) UFOs: classified top secret: The documentary series continues to fascinate the millions of subscribers of the streaming platform and remains in the rankings.

6) Control Z: Viewers are excited about season two, but has Netflix confirmed Part 3 yet?

7) Rick and Morty: For two months already in the top 10, the animated series is still seen a lot.

8) The origins of the Snitch Cartel: Fiction remains in eighth place in the ranking, but it is not yet available in Spain.

9) Cocaine Cowboys: Kings of Miami: The miniseries that chronicles the journey of Florida’s biggest drug traffickers fascinates the subscribers of the transmission platform.

10) However: The South Korean series is not yet available in the catalog, but it will be from August 29, 2021.