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The new series to catch the viewer this weekend

April 17, 2021

New stuff is added to Netflix every week and it’s quite difficult to navigate. We have selected three series that caught our attention, they are quite short fictions and therefore you can easily watch them in a weekend. Except for the last one, where it will take you about a hundred hours to catch up.

Stop Dad, You Make Me Ashamed: A Comedy Exploring The Father / Daughter Relationship

The sitcom was released on Netflix earlier this week and it must be admitted that it is not very popular in Spain. However, in the United States it is currently the most watched series in the country! If you like me My family first, then you will surely love it. Stop dad, you make me embarrassed.

A business owner (played by Jamie Foxx) is forced to take care of his daughter who comes to live with him overnight. Then they will meet… Season 1 consists of only eight episodes that can be seen at 3:20.

Why are you like this? The daily lives of three young adults

Austin, Penny and Mia try to accept their adulthood, although it is not always easy. Austin hopes to join a cabaret, Penny does everything in her power to help others, and Mia fights discrimination (in her own way …).

Why Are You Like This aired in Australia before being uploaded to Netflix, where it has already received many positive reviews. There are six episodes in the first season with a total length of 2:20.

The Walking Dead Season 10: The Penultimate Season Is Available!

Just a few days ago the new episodes of the famous post-apocalyptic series were added to the catalog. If you’ve been following the series for several years, know that season 11 will be the last!

Unfortunately, Netflix has only released the first part of season 10 as the platform has yet to obtain the rights to the six bonus episodes recently streamed in the United States.

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