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The Netflix program of new releases for July 2021 (Series, Movies and Documentaries)

July 21, 2021

Still not sure what to watch on the popular streaming platform? Don’t panic, Netflix has a very busy schedule for July 2021. This will allow you to fill your long summer afternoons on vacation or at home.

You will find especially during the month of July on Netflix seasons 2 of Mortel, sky rojo, Outer Banks and New Amsterdam. Please note that Virgin River Seasons 3 and How to Sell Drugs Online have also been planned!

Several small nuggets will be to discover such as Young Royal and la cuisinière de Castamar. We leave you on the famous Netflix show for the month of July 2021!

Netflix series program (July 2021)

Young Royals – Season 1: Original series in which a new student, who is also a prince, arrives at a boarding school. (07/01/2021)

Quarantine of Tales – Season 1 : Fiction where five people tell the development of the pandemic from their point of view. (07/01/2021)

Generation 56K – Season 1 : Discovering love through the Internet, the series follows four family members who develop a dating app. (07/01/2021)

New Amsterdam – Season 1 : Medical series that follows the daily lives of various doctors in New York. (07/01/2021)

The Series: Pokémon The Travels – Part 1: Animated series in which we follow the adventures of the famous Pokémon trainer who is none other than Sacha. (07/01/2021)

The complete Yu Yu Hakusho (07/01/2021)

Mortal – Season 2 (02/07/2021)

Send firewood! – Season 1 : Original series that follows the daily life of a Canadian lumberjack. (02/07/2021)

We the People: Do, re, my… democracy! – Season 1 : Original series that deals (in music) with rights and duties in the United States. (04/07/2021)

Mine – Season 1: South Korean fiction where the love story of a young actress leads to the end of her career. (04/07/2021)

Neighborhood Fights – Season 1: Original series where two mothers of a family get involved in a neighborhood war. (07/07/2021)

The Mire – Season 2 (07/07/2021)

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness – Season 1: Animated series whose plot is inspired by a video game that bears the same name. (08/07/2021)

Elize Matsunaga: Grim Fairy Tale – Season 1: Miniseries that narrates the adventure of a Brazilian woman who supposedly killed and cut up her husband. (08/07/2021)

Beastars – Season 2 (08/07/2021)

Virgin River – Season 3 (07/09/2021)

Atypical – Season 4 (07/09/2021)

Castamar’s Cook – Season 1: The original creation, which takes place in 1720, follows the love story between a talented cook and a widowed duke. (07/09/2021)

Ridley Jones: Protector of the Museum – Season 1 (07/13/2021)

My Early Times – Season 2 (07/15/2021)

Peppa Pig – Season 6 (07/15/2021)

Johnny Test – Season 1 (07/16/2021)

van helsing – Season 5 (07/16/2021)

New Amsterdam – Season 2 (07/21/2021)

Masters of the Universe: Revelation – Season 1: After the end of the anime, it is (already) thirty-five years old, Netflix decides to continue the continuation of the adventures of the heroes. (07/23/2021)

Red Sky – Season 2 (07/23/2021)

The Movie That Made Us – Season 2 (07/23/2021)

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) – Season 3 (07/27/2021)

Mighty Express – Season 4 (07/27/2021)

transformers: war for cybertron – The Kingdom – Chapter 1: Original animated series in which we follow the impressive race to find Allspark. (07/29/2021)

Outerbanks – Season 2 (07/30/2021)

Glow-Up – Season 3 (07/30/2021)

Centaurworld – Season 1 (07/30/2021)

Netflix Movie Schedule (July 2021)

Audible – Defeat on all grounds: A footballer must overcome his sadness caused by the death of a loved one, to be better prepared before his last game in high school. (07/01/2021)

Warrior Dynasty: Inspired by famous video games, the film follows the collapse of the Han dynasty. (07/01/2021)

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Shard of Hathaway (07/01/2021)

The Full Twilight (07/01/2021)

Tell me yes (07/01/2021)

My one night stand, my ex and I (07/01/2021)

Fences (07/01/2021)

Bronze heart (07/01/2021)

Youth (07/01/2021)

The great beauty (07/01/2021)

The Little Dinosaur: The Heroic Expedition (07/01/2021)

Geostorm (07/01/2021)

The Shadow Mechanic (07/01/2021)

The Hobbit saga (07/01/2021)

Bill and Ted save the universe (07/01/2021)

Go to brazil (07/01/2021)

120 beats per minute (07/01/2021)

The new (07/01/2021)

Fear Street 1994 – Part 1: The first film in a trilogy, in which a group of high school students must attack an evil force after a series of murders. (07/01/2021)

Haseen Dillruba: Haunting Beauty: It is an original film where a young woman is accused of being her husband’s murderer. (07/01/2021)

Jumanji: welcome to the jungle (07/01/2021)

Rattlesnake: Ahanna’s Story (07/01/2021)

Major Grom: The Plague Doctor: A policeman and his colleague must arrest a murderer who never ceases to sow fear as soon as possible. (07/07/2021)

Pure blood (07/07/2021)

Idyll on an island (07/07/2021)

Fellini: I’m a clown (07/07/2021)

Fear Street 1978 – part 2 (08/07/2021)

How I became a superhero: It is a film that follows the obscure investigation of Schaltzmann and Moreau. (07/09/2021)

The man in the water: With his mother seriously ill, a young man sets out to find the only remedy that can save her. (07/09/2021)

It was last summer: Trying to regain the heart of her old love story, a young woman finds herself in a love triangle. (07/09/2021)

Lee-Su Geun: The Trainer of the Senses: Stand-up of a South Korean comedian who shares his experience in a humorous tone. (07/09/2021)

Find my husband (07/09/2021)

Destiny day (07/13/2021)

Fear Street 1666 – part 3 (07/13/2021)

A classic horror story: It is a horror movie where tourists are trapped in a forest and will have to fight to escape unscathed. (07/14/2021)

The perfect family guide: Original film in which we can follow the daily life of a Québec family. (07/14/2021)

american nightmare 4 – The Origins (07/14/2021)

Game night (07/15/2021)

A perfect fit: It is an original film in which a shoemaker and an influencer meet and love is born between them. (07/15/2021)

League of Justice (07/15/2021)

My amanda: Original creation where we follow a very fustanel friendship that remains intact despite the upheavals in the lives of each of the two friends. (07/15/2021)

Deep: Some medical students are conducting a science experiment, but it won’t turn out as planned … (07/16/2021)

Two weeks in Lagos (07/16/2021)

Sanitation day: This is one original creation, where police officers try to solve a murder case but the inhabitants are not very cooperative … (07/21/2021)

Troll Hunters: Rise of the Titans: Did they miss you? Your heroes have returned for a new fight. (07/21/2021)

12 years of slavery (07/22/2021)

Our words like bubbles: Animated film that follows the romance between two young teenagers during a magnificent summer. (07/22/2021)

Kingdom: North Ashin: It is a special film in which a young woman has nothing more to lose and wants to take revenge for the damage done to her. (07/23/2021)

A second chance: rivals: Unable to go to the Olympics, a young woman decides to train young gymnasts. (07/23/2021)

Jackpotes: It is an original creation in which we follow two friends who manage to get funding for their future revolutionary application. (07/23/2021)

Blood red sky: Horror movie in which a mother will do everything possible to save her son’s life from an air raid. (07/23/2021)

Bartkowiak: It is a Polish film in which we follow the daily life of a former boxing champion who decides to take over the family disco. (07/28/2021)

Complex love: A singer whose career is no longer moving forward finds herself cheering on her ex-fiance’s wedding. (07/29/2021)

The last mercenary : A former secret agent is back in Spain to save the life of his son, whom he never met. (07/30/2021)

Hell (07/30/2021)

Netflix reality TV and documentary program (July 2021)

Felinomania – Season 1: Docu series that follows passionate cats. (07/07/2021)

Our Dog Friends – Season 2 (07/07/2021)

The Course of Tyrants – Season 1: It is an original documentary series that tracks the acts of totalitarian regimes and their dictators. (07/09/2021)

Anthology Heists – Season 1: Docu series where some individuals report their robberies to medium success. (07/14/2021)

My Unorthodox Life – Season 1: Reality TV where we follow the daily life of a Jewish family. (07/14/2021)

Private Network: too embarrassing a chronicle: Documentary that tracks the work contributed by the Mexican-born journalist Manuel Buendía. (07/14/2021)

Naomi Osaka – Season 1: Docu-series about the talented tennis player’s career. (07/16/2021)

Sexy Beasts – Season 1: Reality TV where people are masked for their first meeting. (07/21/2021)

High voltage seduction – Brazil (07/21/2021)

Love is blind – New episodes (07/28/2021)

Fantastic mushrooms (07/28/2021)

The DeLorean Saga: Fate of an Auto Tycoon – Season 1: Docu series about the life of John DeLorean. (07/30/2021)