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The Naked Director Season 3: Netflix release date, filming,… sequel coming soon?

June 24, 2021

After a long wait, the new episodes are finally available on the streaming platform! The dramatic comedy inspired by the novel by ” Zenra Kantoku By Nobuhiro Motohashi was eagerly awaited by fans of the Japanese series.

The first season had been a real success. It was also broadcast in 190 countries and dubbed into 12 languages. But has the streaming giant decided Season 3 of the naked director ?

We reveal all the information we currently have about season 3 of The Naked Director (Netflix): Release date, filming, casting, renewal …

Netflix’s original creation sheds light on how the Japanese adult film industry has become so important, and the story still captivates subscribers to the streaming platform. According to early reviews, fans are already eager to meet Muranishi at season 3 of The naked director.

The plot of the second season picks up on that of the first part, where Muranishi is at the top of the world of adult video. But did the company with the red logo decide to continue the adventure by ordering Season 3 of The Naked Director ?

The Naked Director Season 3: Sequel Still Uncertain

Unfortunately, the streaming giant has not yet agreed to produce. Season 3 of The Naked Director but as soon as we have more information, this article will be updated immediately.

So that ‘a season 3 of The Naked Director is ordered, the second part will need to do as well as the first. If season two gets excellent ratings, then you can be pretty sure Netflix will renew the series.

Is The Naked Director Season 3 Release Date Already Scheduled By Netflix?

Therefore, the American company has not yet officially announced The Naked Director season 3 release date. If the American company decides to renew the series for an additional part during the next four weeks. So we will have to wait at least a year before the light comes out because the next episodes have not been filmed in advance.

Admit that the streaming giant agrees to produce Season 3 of The Naked Director we can estimate that the release date of the sequel to the original creation It will be in June 2022.

However, we cannot give you the exact date because we are not sure that the rest of the series It will be released in a year as the second season had required three years of production due to the health crisis. Hopefully this won’t be the case for the next part …

Waiting the release date of The Naked Director season 3, Discover the first information about the new Jiva series! now available on the platform.