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The Monster: Netflix Movie Ending Explanation! Is Steve guilty?

May 7, 2021

Watch the explanation of the ending of The Monster on Netflix! What should we understand?

The monster is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end, keep reading! Three years after its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, The monster by Anthony Madler received its worldwide release exclusively on Netflix.

The monster is a Netflix original legal drama film directed by Anthony Madler and based on the screenplay adapted by Radha Blank, Cole Whiley and Janece Shaffer. Before Netflix acquired the distribution rights to The monster, the film still bore the original title All Rise. The title changes to The monster corresponds to the novel whose script has been adapted. To buy the book, click here. Other, To enjoy the Kindle format with a free 14-day trial, it’s here.

Given the current social unrest in the United States, as we have seen with the Black Lives Matter movement, and the historical oppression of African Americans, the departure of The monster on the world’s largest streaming platform will generate a lot of interest. If you’ve seen the movie before and have questions, here it is The explanation of the ending of The Monster on Netflix!

Explanation of the ending of The Monster on Netflix!

At first Steve refuses and King and Bobo immediately intimidate him. They take the bike from him and tell him not to worry, they will take care of it. While Steve takes the most regrettable steps towards the local market of his life. He sees Osvaldo a hundred meters away, watching. Steve walks in and has a cream soda while looking around the store. There are no customers in the store, much less the police. The owner is kind to him, even cordial. Skeptical of his kindness and what to do when he leaves the store and walks into the light, he walks away thinking about the situation.

When Steve comes out, the light and shadows are perfect. He does what he’s been doing for the entire movie, raising his hand to the sun to see if it’s the perfect light to keep shooting the videos he’s made all his life. A spectator who sees it later thinks it is a sign that the way is clear. King and Bobo see it as a sign telling them that the path is clear.

the end of the monster netflix

Either way, Steve could have walked away before entering the store. He could have been lying to his so-called “friends”, but he approached them, presumably to retrieve his bike, and told them there was a guard inside. Steve, on the other hand, didn’t. He did not plan the robbery. He just went inside to see if the path was clear. We don’t even really know what he told them or if he knew of their plans. It is a gray area.

To ending of The Monster on NetflixSteve is cleared of all charges. While we have said that it is all a gray area, we are not sure exactly what role Steve played and if it has been confirmed for King and Bobo and told them that the way is clear. All we know is the color of her skin, just like the district attorney who said, “It looks like you have the role for me.” Don’t let your preconceptions about what probably happened cloud your judgment of the facts. There is no evidence that Steve played a role in the robbery that led to this man’s murder. He is found innocent.