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The Mire Season 2: Netflix series ending explained!

July 8, 2021

Watch The Mire Season 2 finale explanation on Netflix!

The Mire is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of season 2, keep reading! Piotr and Witold are not the only ones to return to the The Mire season 2, as the Gronty Forest preserves many of its mysteries, secrets and corpses, although the plot has been moving for more than a decade. The changing landscape of post-USSR Poland forms the backdrop to another grim affair that has its share of complex social and political underpinnings. To find out when season 3 will be released, read this.

Everything is triggered by a catastrophic flood that leads to the discovery of the corpse of a child among the skeletons of a mass grave from World War II. Big city newcomer Anna Jass faces the case of a bitter old trucker, Mika. If you want to know The Mire season 2 ending explanation, we tell you everything!

The Mire season 2 ending explained

The great mystery here is, of course, the death of Daniel Gwitt. This mystery looms over most of this slow-burning crime drama, and Anna finally uncovers the truth for The Mire season 2 finale. Daniel drowned in a bathtub with bath salts. A broken glass under the bathtub and a bottle of salts prove it when Anna and Jarek go to investigate the development. The responsible man? This is Andrzej, the chief of police.

After breaking into her car and finding a cassette player in the trunk, Anna manages to piece together the truth about Andrzej. Daniel was with him that night, hiding and listening to Jacek and Andrzej arguing about the ex-militiaman they plan to hire to break the bank. Jacek expresses his concern, admitting that if the bank gives way, the flood could reach Oaza. If so, they will have to rebuild the foundations of the village. It would be disastrous for Andrjez, as we discover that he has a body hidden in the concrete floor.

When Daniel tried to escape that night, the chef drowned him after knocking him unconscious. The bath salts are pure coincidence, as they fell off the windowsill during the fight. Daniel was ultimately assassinated to prevent this truth from being revealed.

the end of the mud season 2

What’s wrong with Waldek?

Piotr is involved in the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Waldek, the son of the newspaper’s benefactor, Kielak. He ends up discovering that the scheming son, who in order to run away with his lover but also to make sure his rich dad continues to support him, is faking his own kidnapping and forcing his father to pay the astronomical ransom he ‘claims’. keep.

Unfortunately, to carry out his plans, Waldek enlists the help of the district attorney and his rogue aides, who betray and brutally murder him, keeping the money for themselves. The sinister prosecutor is seen smiling when asked if he kept all the ransom money.

It is very likely that the murder of Waldek also indirectly led to the murder of Daniel. After killing Waldek, the prosecutor hid his body in the concrete foundations of his newly built home on the Oaza Estate. According to the real estate developer, if the property was flooded, the foundations would have had to be dug, which would have exposed the body and the crime of the prosecutor. Therefore, the official also had a strong motivation to prevent the farm from flooding, which led him to organize the destruction of the dams in the Gronty forest, which diverted water from the farm.

So it seems the old reporter is finally making peace with his past and also opening up about his relationship with Else. The fact that he shares his story with Nadia and that Nadia supports him in his decision also suggests that Witold is finally embarking on his journey to Germany in search of his lost love. Of course, it remains to be seen if he will manage to find Else after more than 50 years of separation.