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The Manifest series has been officially canceled

June 19, 2021

The cancellation by NBC was very surprising, however, the third season of Manifest attracted 3.2 million viewers and earned a very good rating from the public. That is why the non-renewal of the series has greatly surprised and disappointed fans of fiction.

However, according to an American media outlet, the company with the red logo finally did not want to renew Manifesto for a fourth season due to many obstacles such as actors’ choices or digital rights.

The actors of the fiction expressed themselves through social networks to thank the fans for their loyalty. It can be read on Twitter, Manifest creator Jeff Rake thanked fans for their support. The Michaela Stone actress also spoke: ” OMG what an adventure. You have made the last three years the best of my life. I will miss this experience forever.“.

Here are some more tweets of thanks from the fictional actors:

To console yourself for this sudden stop, check out the Netflix newscast from June 21-27, 2021.