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The Kissing Booth 4: Does Netflix Have Plans To Produce The Sequel?

August 11, 2021

Noah has promised that he will soon find time to see Elle again, does that mean we will soon be able to see their reunion in The kissing booth 4 ? The director answered this question in an interview.

The final scene of the third film doesn’t close the doors to a sequel, but it still seems to be the end of Ella and Noah’s adventures. Obviously we are not immune to that Netflix orders the Kissing Booth 4 or a spin-off if the latest play is successful with the public !

The director confirms that The Kissing Booth 4 will not be released on Netflix but …

It was during an interview that Vince Marcello broke the bad news to fans of romantic fiction: The Kissing Booth 4 will never be staged on Netflix.

The recently declared about the end of the saga : ” I think it’s a hopeful ending, but it leaves no room for interpretation. (…) The idea of ​​leaving room for interpretation can make fans eager to see a fourth film produced, but it seems clear that this is really the final version of the film.

Anyway, the actor who plays Noah (Jacob Elordi) had announced that he would not return in the Kissing Booth saga. Who could imagine the release of The Kissing Booth 4 without one of the main characters? … Neither !

So it’s the end of romantic fiction, but Netflix might consider producing a spin-off if the last part is intensely punctuated by its two hundred million subscribers. Maybe you could shed light on one of the supporting characters or maybe take an interest in his afterlife.

Where can we find the actors of The Kissing Booth?

Joey King is expected in ” Bullet train », Where he will give the answer to Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock! The feature film will be released on April 8, 2022 in the United States. The heroine of The Kissing Booth was also announced in the cast of a miniseries: ” The spark of light “Whose release date is still unknown. Joey King will play a woman trapped during a hostage-taking in a mental hospital.

The American actress’s schedule is therefore more than busy and she probably won’t have time to resume her role in The kissing booth 4.

Soon you will be able to find Jacob Elordi in the second season ofEuphoria where he will play Nate Jacobs. If you have not seen the first episodes yet, know that the series is available on Canal +. Lincoln Pearson doesn’t have any plans in the works, but it’s probably just a matter of time.

Is there any chance Netflix will announce the release date for The Kissing Booth 4 soon?

Unfortunately, the probability that Netflix orders Kissing Booth 4 to be near zero. The creator of the saga has made sure to put an end to his story and one of the main actors will refuse to participate in a possible sequel.

So definitely say goodbye to Elle and Noah, but you can still imagine yours. The kissing booth 4. Everything is possible: the couple meets again and forms a family or, on the contrary, each one meets a new couple …

Netflix will never announce the release date of Kissing Booth 4 But there is still a silver lining: the streaming giant might decide to produce a spin-off! As soon as we have new information, count on us to let you know.