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The Irregulars of Baker Street Season 2: Why was the series canceled?

May 7, 2021

We didn’t see it coming, but unexpectedly, the Sherlock Holmes spinoff won’t be returning to Netflix next year. It is quite rare but sometimes it happens that large productions are not renewed.

We must not forget that Netflix is ​​a business that needs to generate profitability, this implies that if a series costs more than it earns, it is simply canceled.

This is the case of the Baker Street Irregulars, English fiction required a large production budget with costumes, staging, special effects … All this required a lot of money and it seems that the popularity of the series is very varied in the world. .

In fact, it has reached the top spot for the most viewed content in the United States, but only for one day! This is not enough to allow you to get a season 2 … In Spain, the series stayed in the top ten long enough, but that does not mean that the viewing time was long.

Subscribers can watch only a few minutes of the first episode and never complete the first season. However, these brief views allow the series to gain places in the rankings while ultimately not being very popular.

Baker Street Irregulars season 1 did not get excellent ratings (2.7 / 5 on Allociné). In the United States, viewers were more forgiving, giving an average score of 6.5 / 10 (according to Imdb).

The Netflix original creation was unlucky, as it was released the same week as “Who Killed Sarah?” “. A Mexican series that has achieved public success and whose season 2 will arrive on Netflix in a few days.