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The Intrusion: Netflix Movie Ending Explanation! Henry is dead?

September 23, 2021

Discover the explanation of the ending of the movie The Intrusion on Netflix! Henry still alive?

The Intrusion is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of the movie, keep reading! Do you know your loved ones well? Directed by Adam Salky from a script written by Chris Sparling, Intrusion is a creepy home invasion thriller that turns the genre upside down, while attempting to ask this essential question.

The story revolves around a seemingly perfect husband and wife who move into a lush villa in the middle of nowhere. A robbery disturbs the serenity of your home. After delving into the mystery, the woman discovers that the house holds deep and dark secrets.

Thanks to sharp visuals, a thought-provoking plot, and an outstanding performance by Logan Marshall-Green and Freida Pinto, the film offers enough twists and turns to interest fans of the genre. If you are looking for the answer to many questions about end of intrusion, we tell you everything!

Explanation of the ending of the movie The Intrusion on Netflix

During the housewarming party, Meera learns the news that the man on the red herring was arrested for killing a dog and not a woman. Meera investigates Henry’s office and discovers a plan that suggests he has a hidden room. In fact, he finds a secret button that reveals a secret door that leads to a secret basement. Meera goes down there and discovers … the missing girl, bound and gagged. Twist: Henry kidnapped the missing girl!

Before Meera can help the girl escape, Henry traps her in the basement. He insists that he has a disease like Meera’s cancer, that it is not his fault and that he must treat it with compassion. Meera decides that she will call the police instead, and Henry attacks her and ties her up as well.

Meera manages to break free and free the kidnapped girl. After a long chase around the house, Meera delivers a fatal blow to Henry’s head, using the memory of a clock tower. The most attentive viewers will remember the clock from the beginning of the film: Henry gave him this souvenir on their first date, and he has kept it ever since. Symbolism Alert: Time has passed in this relationship.

FOR the end of the intrusion, we see that the house has been sold and completely emptied. Meera takes one last look before getting into the moving van and leaving. And with that, the movie is over. It’s pretty straightforward.

end of intrusion explanation

Henry is dead?

At first glance, Henry seems empathetic and understanding, in other words, a perfect gentleman. However, as the story progresses, his character’s cracks and flaws become visible. In the final confrontation, Henry admits that his sadistic nature is a disease, much like Meera’s cancer.

At this point, we realize that Henry lacks all human emotion. Henry uses Meera’s battle with cancer as an excuse for Christine’s abduction and abuse. Under the veil of a loving husband, she appears as a sadistic, erratic, and aberrant personality.

In the final showdown, Henry gets his due, and it took him a long time to get it. Meera hits Henry on the head with her memory of Boston, and on the end of intrusion, it becomes inanimate. While not explicitly stated, the finality suggests that Henry is dead. After Henry’s death, Meera sells the property and heads off to the horizon.