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The Flash Season 8: what release date? A planned sequel?

July 21, 2021

Find out all the information about season 8 of The Flash! Release date, renewal, etc.

The Flash Season 7 is back on The CW ! If you want to know everything about him season 8 launch, keep reading! Since 2014, The Flash has followed Barry Allen as he uses his superhero speed to fight the evil forces of Central City. The seventh season of the CW series saw him take on evil tech founder Eva McCulloch and attempt to end the escalating war of the speedsters to take down Godspeed.

Over the course of seven seasons, the series has developed a massive fan base, who must be curious to know more about it. season 8 coming from the show. With Godspeed finally defeated and the timeline still intact despite Bart and Nora’s time travel, season 7 of The Flash came to an end with a few remaining plots that will likely continue in the story. season 8. Here’s everything we know about him season 8 of The Flash.

What is the release date of season 8 of The Flash?

The flash has been The CW’s number one series since 2014, so it was even less surprising that the series was renewed for a season 8 in February 2021, one month before the premiere of season 7. The filming of The Flash season 8 is scheduled to begin in mid-August and production will end in late March 2022. It is not known how many episodes there will be in the season 8, but there are likely to be at least 18 in total.

The flash will return in the fall of this year, with the season 8 whose release date is scheduled for Tuesday, November 16 on The CW. Then you will have the launch of season 8 of The Flash in Spain as of November 17 on streaming sites. The season will begin with a five-episode crossover-style event. It won’t be as big of a deal as Crisis on Infinite Earths, but fans should expect to see other Arrowverse superheroes appear in every episode of The Flash.

Who will be at the casting?

For the season 8, the return of Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker and Jesse L. Martin has been confirmed. Actor Tom Cavanagh, who plays various versions of Harrison Wells and Eobard Thawne / Reverse-Flash, as well as Carlos Valdés, who plays Cisco Ramon, will not return as regulars next season.

the flash season 8 release date

What can we expect from the future?

Season 7 of The Flash ended in a unique way compared to other seasons. There was no great suspense and it ended on a happy note, with Barry and Iris renewing their vows to each other in the presence of their closest family and friends.

In the The Flash season 8, the team will likely have to deal with these changes while battling new enemies. Kramer’s radical approach to curbing metahuman criminal activity should also remain a key plot point. Showrunner Eric Wallace has hinted that the series may adapt the plot of the comic that sees Iris coming from the future.

This ensures that Iris will have a subplot next season, which could be related to the Eternium that Harrison “Nash” Wells spotted in her in season 6. Additionally, The Flash has already prepared for the return of Reverse-Flash in the season. season 8. After Barry and Iris called on him to help them defeat Godspeed, the evil speedster was furious that The Flash was finally faster than him. This sets up a future battle between the two speedsters in the season 8 of The Flash.