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The Flash Season 7: Ending Explained! Godspeed, reverse flash, etc.

July 21, 2021

Discover the explanation of the end of season 7 of The Flash! XS and boost, reverse flash, etc.

The Flash Season 7 is back on The CW ! If you want to know everything about the explanation of the end of season 7, keep reading! The last season of the Speedster on the canal ended on July 20, 2021. Tears have been shed. The vows have been renewed. Old enemies became allies, then enemies again, before falling to the ground in a heap of embarrassment and relative lack of speed. To know all the information about season 8, read this.

But here we are taking the initiative. The The Flash season 7 finale Watch a series of crucial stories come to an end. In particular, it was necessary to address the story of Godspeed, the infamous man-made speedster with a penchant for religious imagery. Karan Oberoi’s masked threat, which turned out to be the end of Jay Garrick, has been a real thorn in the side of Flash and his friends in recent days.

The Flash season 7 finale explained!

After the suspense of episode 150, the The Flash season 7 finale revealed the true motivations of August Heart, who wanted to possess organic speed. The only way to stop the Godspeed clones from terrorizing Central City was for Barry to give August what he asked for. After the Flash family tried to stop the clones, Barry ended up giving August what he wanted, but Godspeed broke his promise as a true villain.

A true Speedster war was about to become reality. This hostility will not last, much less in the future, and when the season finale arrives, the Barry of the present is living up to the expectations of the children he has not yet fathered: Bart and Nora West. -Allen, the team of brothers and sisters that travels in the time of the year 2049. Many elements that we are going to dissect!

As Barry and Godspeed collide, Eobard Thawne, aka Reverse-Flash, reappears. Unlike their previous encounters, The flash and Reverse-Flash had to put their differences aside in order to fight Godspeed as a team. Godspeed created a lightsaber-like weapon from the energy of the Swift Force and ended up stabbing Godspeed, who survived but was locked up in Iron Heights, ending the Civil War.

Will XS and Impulse return?

While Nora and Bart West-Allen were present for their parents’ vow renewal, the The Flash season 7 finale it was quite ambiguous as to what would happen next for XS and Impulse. Since Godspeed was defeated, the year 2049 is technically safe again, but the future is also different, as Jay Garrick’s death was prevented. The Flash season 7 finale it ended with Iris and Barry’s vow renewal ceremony, while their children were still in attendance.

It took the Arrowverse seven years to finally introduce Impulse to The Flash as one of the last great speedsters in comics. Crisis on Infinite Earths also made it possible to gently reboot XS as a character, so it’s hard to imagine that The flash don’t wear them again next season. You could also create a series derived from XS and Impulse.

the flash season 7 finale

How do you set up the end of season 8?

Although the wait has been long, season 7 of The Flash restored Reverse-Flash with the face of Harrison Wells. Although they teamed up to defeat Godspeed, the war between Reverse-Flash and The flash it will never end. If Barry could beat Eobard, The flash He apparently left the door open for Reverse-Flash to become a major villain again. While nothing bad has been officially announced for The Flash season 8, Reverse-Flash could be one of the main antagonists given the setting of the ending.

From the beginning of the series, it has always been clear that Eobard will always play a pivotal role in Barry’s life as the last opponent. Along with their iconic rivalry, The Flash season 8 should also go into great detail on how Eobard was able to return. Other than mentioning that the Swift Force hooked up with the Negative Swift Force, they didn’t go into their explanation of how it works. Even if The Flash Season 9 took place, there’s no reason Reverse-Flash shouldn’t return next year.