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The Cook of Castamar Season 2: Netflix release date, filming,… will the sequel arrive soon?

July 15, 2021

The plot of the fiction is fascinating, the costumes and the details of the series transport us to the 18th century. Are you also fans of the couple formed by Clara and Diego?

The original creation has already premiered in Spain and has become one of the most watched programs in the country. Spanish fiction also has a great start in Spain, but it will be enough for Clara and the Duke’s romance to continue in a possible season 2 of Castamar’s La cuisineinière ?

We reveal all the information we currently have about season 2 of Castamar’s Cook (Netflix): Release date, filming, casting, renewal …

When a Spanish media asked the creator of the series (Tatiana Rodríguez) about a possible second part, the latter was very enthusiastic and delighted with the idea of ​​directing. Season 2 of The Cook of Castamar.

In addition, the original creation is inspired by a Spanish book (that bears the same name) but the series has adapted the novel without following the story to the letter. This means that the creator of the fiction will still have many possibilities to create new plots in season 2 of The Castamar Cook.

The Castamar kitchen Season 2: do you ask for an extra piece?

The streaming giant has yet to place an official order season 2 of Castamar Cook. But the rest of the series It will probably be renewed given its success in Spain and around the world on Netflix.

Also, during an interview dating last month, Tatiana Rodríguez gave some possible ideas for season 2 of Castamar Cook. In fact, he announced that it would be interesting to see the evolution of Clara and Diego that they advance after making many changes in their lives.

At the moment, therefore, we do not yet know if there will be a season 2 of La cuisineinière de Castamar. However, it is very likely that the rest of the series It will be ordered in a few months according to the first information that circulates.

Is The Castamar Cook Season 2 Release Date Already Planned By Netflix?

The filming of the first season lasted four months and ended last December. The production team only needed a few weeks to complete the post-production of the episodes that aired between February and May 2022 in Spain before being uploaded to Netflix.

If the rest of the series passes, then the release date of season 2 of Castamar’s Cook will be between June and July 2022 the Netflix. Indeed, the rest of the series It will be produced in less than a year but the company with the red logo will have to wait until all the episodes are broadcast in Spain before being able to offer season 2 to its millions of subscribers.

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