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The A List Season 2: Netflix Series Ending Explained!

June 26, 2021

Check out The A List season 2 finale explanation on Netflix!

List A is available on Netflix! If you want to know everything about the end of season 2, keep reading! Midge may have returned from the dead in season 1 of “The A List.” But his second breath is short-lived. In order to hold on to life, you need another body to take over and give you the energy you need to keep going. Now that she and Amber are separate entities, Midge’s perfect target is Mia, who has returned to Peregrine Island to save her friends. Mia is also Midge’s former friend who has become her enemy.

It probably makes sense for Midge and Amber to start the finale by going head-to-head. The subject of rematch has never been far from the surface of the season. Mia ends up in the room where Midge hid during the body swap debacle, and that’s where Midge intends to keep Mia, though Amber saves her from that fate. We learn a little more about the crystal that is the source of Animosine and Amber’s powers.

Their destruction is an objective linked to the destruction of Midge. This is a deceptively simple and high-stakes story for such a complex series. Finding a way to bring about the necessary destruction takes some time and is intertwined with a series of stories and characters. We tell you all about him End of season 2 of The A List on Netflix !

The explanation of the end of season 2 of A List

Midge finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place the a list season 2 finale. The object of her anger is her mother, Dr. Shaw, as Midge believes that she was never the ideal girl for her mother. Dr. Shaw made a deal with the people who financed the operation for the sole purpose of bringing Midge back to life. But when the animus takes over, Midge turns more evil than Amber.

His wickedness is just and therefore more overwhelming. Midge drains Mia’s energy, which goes crazy. Locked in Midge’s mind palace, Mia sees the source of the animus that causes all the trouble. Amber, however, redeems herself by bringing Mia back to life. Meanwhile, Jenna and her part of the group find the opening of an underground tunnel, which presumably leads to the heart of the animosine.

After coming back to life, Mia and Alex return downtown to confront Dr. Shaw. While Mia stays behind to reconcile with Midge, Alex collects the deactivation serum with the help of Dr. Shaw. She used to be desperate to bring her daughter back, but now that things have escalated, she just wants the nightmare to end.

the end of season 2 from a list

Alex, Jenna, and Kayleigh return to the underground tunnel to inject the serum into the animosine core, and things seem to return to normal. The living come to life, while the dead return to rest in their graves. But as the final twist of the penultimate episode suggests, the animosine might not completely go away after all. It’s not that bad, as the presence of animosine brings us to the prospect of another season.

The story’s epilogue gives us an update on each character: Harry rose to fame as a whistleblower, Jenna is with Harry, Mia is out with the others, Zac approaches Brendan, and Amber goes to meet the fisherman’s daughter. Start. But we don’t know what’s wrong with Luka. He’s probably serving his sentence, satisfied that his best friend is still alive.