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Sweet Tooth Season 2: What Netflix Release Date? A planned sequel?

June 4, 2021

Find out all the information about Sweet Tooth season 2! Release date, renewal, etc.

Sweet Tooth is available on Netflix! If you want to know all the information about the Season 2 launch, keep reading! Although the world of Greedy It is post-apocalyptic in nature, we hope the end of time never comes for this series. To purchase the book that inspired the series, click here. Other, To enjoy the Kindle format with a free 14-day trial, it’s here.

Netflix’s latest adaptation of the comic is one of the best originals they’ve produced in a long time. And with this final suspense looming over us, it’s vital that Sweet Tooth returns for a season 2. If you have any questions about the end of the first season, read this.

What’s the release date for Sweet Tooth season 2 on Netflix?

The first season premiered on June 4, 2021 in its entirety with 8 episodes of approximately 50 minutes. Regarding the renewal of the Sweet Tooth Season 2. Netflix It already gave the green light for a sequel some time ago, as the streaming platform plans to develop the content.

The story of the original comic spans 40 issues, leaving plenty of content to explore. The producers will likely wait until viewers are aware of the events of the first season before setting a release date for the second season. In our opinion, the Sweet Tooth Season 2 release date It should be set for mid-2022 on Netflix!

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What can we expect from the future?

At the end of the first season, Abbot and his men capture Gus and leave Jepperd for dead. Aimee finds the latter and takes him back to his new hideout. Aditya rediscovers her faith after meeting Gus and requests that another child be brought in for the procedure. Bear manages to repair a satellite phone and contact Birdie. At Abbot’s establishment, Gus learns that he is not alone when he meets Wendy and the other hybrids.

In the Sweet Tooth Season 2, Aimee and Jepperd will probably attack the Last Men to save their children. At some point, Wendy is likely to be reunited with her adoptive sister, Bear. After learning that Gus has come to Colorado to pick her up, Birdie is able to return home. Another wave of illness could occur before Aditya can develop a cure.

From the casting side, we can safely say that Gus, Jepperd, Aimee, Dr. Singh, Abbot, Gus, and Bear’s father will be back for him. season 2, as well as narrator James Brolin.