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Sweet Tooth Season 1: Find all the music from the Netflix movie!

June 6, 2021

Discover all the music and songs of Sweet Tooth on Netflix!

Sweet Tooth is available on Netflix! If you want to know all the information related to the Sweet Tooth Music, keep reading! The fantastic series of Netflix Sweet Tooth Perhaps set in a world where human civilization has collapsed, but it still has a great soundtrack. From past hits like Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” and Grateful Dead’s “Truckin ‘” to more modern tracks like Of Monsters and Men’s “Dirty Paws,” all songs have a meaningful connection to history.

Based on the comic by Jeff Lemire, Sweet Tooth follows a hybrid deer boy named Gus who ventures out into the world in search of his mother, with the help of a homeless man named Tommy Jepperd. The comic was adapted for television by Jim Mickle and the music was composed by Jeff Grace. To purchase the book that inspired the series, click here. Other, To enjoy the Kindle format with a free 14-day trial, it’s here.

Unlike the jukebox soundtracks from other Netflix originals, Greedy applications songs in moderation and to great effect, featuring independent artists such as Lord Huron and Banners. To find out when season 2 will be released, read this. Here’s a complete guide for everyone Sweet Tooth Season 1 Music !

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What music does Sweet Tooth have on Netflix?

  • Maple Sap – River why
  • Dirty claws – Of monsters and men
  • I can’t get close to you – The temptations
  • If I could see the world (through the eyes of a child) – Doughy cline
  • Ends of the earth – Lord huron
  • Dancing in the moonlight – Harvest King
  • Hello cowgirl – Palm springsteen
  • We are all young together – Walter Martin
  • I have it in you – FLAGS
  • Glass heart – blond
  • Traditional Scottish Farewell Song
  • Hello lonely lady – Marlon williams
  • Waltz of hope – Suzie Katayama, Marty Stuart and Larry Paxton
  • Truckin – Worthy death
  • Devil’s friend – Worthy death
  • Ripple – Worthy death
  • For Elise – Beethoven
  • Auld Lang Syne – Chris bathgate