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Sweet and Sour: Netflix Movie Ending Explanation

June 6, 2021

Watch the explanation of the ending of Sweet & Sour on Netflix!

Sweet & Sour is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end, keep reading! BittersweetLee Gye-byeok’s South Korean romantic comedy follows a formula proven over decades: Two people meet, fall in love, and then walk away.

In this case, the distance is the cause of this estrangement, since Hyeok is moving away from Da-eun due to a promotion at work. 10 minutes from end of Sweet & Sour Everything seems to be going well in this formula, as the couple broke up and their Christmas holidays are about to begin with neither of them present.

That’s when the Netflix movie becomes a movie that is interested in something more than young love or the themes of distance, transformed by its last moments. To find out the explanation of the ending of Sweet & Sour on Netflix !

Explanation of the ending of Sweet & Sour on Netflix

Jang Ki-yong sees a very muscular and toned man running as if to indicate that Hyeok did indeed run until he lost weight. The transition is almost perfect, so much so that we don’t see the end coming. So at this point their relationship seems to have peaked and they even seem ready to get married. However, Hyeok ends up being transferred to the main office for about a year.

It is this year that tests the relationship between Hyeok and Da-eun, as he has to move between the city and the office that is very far away. The daily traffic, the attractive young coworker who flirts with him at work and attracts him, but doesn’t want to flirt with him, and the feeling of always being tired is what creates fissures in their relationship. The feeling of love is lost and everything Hyeok does is forced, which is also clearly visible to Da-eun.

That’s when he ends up making a mistake that no sane person would make. He calls Da-eun Bo-young, a few days after she had an abortion. Hyeok doesn’t have the right time and constantly complains that he’s tired, working hard, which annoys him. She also works hard as a nurse, and all the good things in their relationship fail in the face of difficulties.

bittersweet ending

All good things don’t last long if you don’t work on them. So this brilliant equation is corrupted. Meanwhile, Hyeok starts dating Bo-young, and all the pent-up frustration and sexual tension between them is over. However, Hyeok can’t forget Da-eun. Finally, when he receives a reminder of the Christmas vacation that they both had planned and sees that Da-eun has not canceled the plan, he tries to propose to her with the same ring that he did, ”she had sent him.

And this is where things go wrong. What she sees at the airport surprises Hyeok enough to leave the airport without even trying to talk to Da-eun. Does that mean it ends up with Bo-young? Of course not ! Bo-young is not ready to settle down and is even considering going abroad to study and improve her profile. Then in the end of Sweet & Sour, he is left alone to drown in his misery.

The end of Sweet & Sour It brings a burst of confusion, then a wave of understanding, thus filling a need for intrigue that the film lacked.