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Superstore Season 6: Does Netflix already have a planned release date?

September 20, 2021

This Monday, September 20, the “Cloud 9” store opened its doors to Netflix users, who were able to wake up with the pleasant surprise of seeing the first five seasons of the successful sitcom on its streaming platform.

Superstore no longer needs to prove itself. So will the red logo streaming platform stop there? In other words, will we ever see Superstore season 6 on Netflix ?

We reveal all the information we currently have on the release date of Superstore season 6 on Netflix

If you are a Prime Video subscriber, you may have already watched the first five seasons that are already available on the streaming platform. But here’s a quick reminder for those who haven’t seen the series yet.

Superstore is an American sitcom that immerses us in the everyday life of supermarket employees. “Cloud 9” is the name of the store where these crazy employees work. Between managing a sometimes surprising clientele, professional and personal relationships between employees, Superstore is a hilarious comedy whose mission is to make us laugh in every episode.

According to NBC, Superstore season 6 would be the last of the series. Therefore, it is after 113 22-minute episodes chronicling the daily lives of cosmopolitan supermarket employees that Cloud 9 closes its doors.

And that Superstore season 6 promises to flirt with the news. In fact, in the promotional images of the next episodes, we can see the employees with a surgical mask. We can imagine the funny situations this will create and finally we can laugh at this health situation that lasts forever.

Superstore Season 6 on Netflix: How many episodes are planned?

The first season of the sitcom only lasted eleven episodes. But that number then rose and stalled at twenty-two episodes between seasons two and four to decrease slightly to twenty-one episodes for season five.

Therefore, we could wait about twenty episodes for Superstore season 6. But sadly, this sixth season will only have fifteen episodes. This can be explained by the health crisis that has affected filming Superstore season 6 in 2020.

Will the season 6 trailer be available soon?

As Superstore season 6 has already aired on NBC Since November 2020 the trailer for this umpteenth season is already available. In it, we see that Cloud 9 employees take their role as “essential” workers very seriously during this health crisis.

Also, actress America Ferrara (Ugly Betty), who was scheduled to leave the series at the end of the fifth season, is present for this final season. On Instagram, the former head of Cloud 9 said on his presence in Superstore season 6 :

Surprise! Amy is back! I am so happy to be able to play with my family since Hypermarket for the grand finale of the series. It was a happy and bittersweet farewell that we can’t wait to share with our amazing fans. “

What’s the release date for Superstore season 6 on Netflix?

As mentioned earlier, Superstore season 6 has already aired on NBC In the United States, therefore, it is only a matter of time before the negotiations between Netflix and the American channel are successful.

If Netflix gets the rights to the last season of the series, then the streaming platform will quickly announce the Superstore season 6 release date. However, we can expect the latter to be available during the year 2022.

Waiting to know Superstore season 6 release date on Netflix, you can always watch the new series uploaded on Netflix this week.